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  1. It says 3962 Donations left
  2. you're not going to get one of those !

  3. It was only a seasonal hat, so i dare say the npc's where removed so you cant make it
  4. Noooo I want her !


  5. #6 you cannot use both autoloot and autolootitem together anymore
  6. I used to use both commands before, usually something that dropped 100% and didnt want to grab everything to ali it, and then 10% for cards and maybe other stuff I wanted. Now they seem to cancel eachother out =/ no matter what way i've typed them in.
  7. I dont mind you stalking =*

  8. its a saying lol

  9. Does it matter if you change the char that is killing for the chick? I've been killing forever with that thing on my chars head.
  10. Mmmmm we will have to make CakePie !

  11. He spams that icon all the time, bad cubefoob!

    I want pie, is that so wrong?

  12. I'm fine and dandy like cotton candy

  13. I see a dante, come back here when your 18, you wont have to wait until 18 like americaland.

    I'm bored and its late ;_;

  14. Happy Hangover Day !

  15. Look Lois Royo ^^

  16. two people going kiss kiss!



  18. Keep dreaming !!



  20. Read ^^ http://gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=9116 1. For every 20 Cacaos you sell to her, you get one Cacao Bean on stock 2. For you to be able to buy chocolates and white chocolates you must have 100 Cacao Beans on stock 3. As long as you have 100 Cacao Beans or more on stock, you can purchase any amount of chocolates and white chocolates 4. Stock of Cacao Beans will decrease if you buy them ^ Thank you Agra For Handmade Chocolate - (geffen 122 201) 5 Chocolate 2 Milk For White Handmage Chocolate - (prt_fild 42 27) 5 white chocolate 2 milk To make other chocolate stuff its in either prt_castle 42 27 or prt_castle 92 63 at a countertop To get receipe for Chocolate Tart and Strawberry Choco, you have to have 5 chocolate drinks in your inventory. Not much but hopefully makes you less frustrated, Yui
  21. Not a problem dont stalk me too much!!

  22. Eeijit!!! Dammit xD

    Sorry I had to leave, I had work to go to the next day, but yay weekend now!

  23. Omg how could you move from the lovely greenery of N.Ireland!! with the lovely lingo, of 'hows the craic' !

  24. This is scarey, me too!!!!! Belfast though!

    See if you live so close to me, wouldnt know whether to laugh or cry!

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