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  1. Yes, I'm still alive, just gone from Ragnarok a while. Happy New Year everyone! Out of sight but still in mind ;)

    1. Protocol


      I did came back and you were missing but I'm quitting again and ur still missing..

  2. 2013 Easter Event is coming later today :) It's a minigame!

    1. Narcissus


      so no more egg hunt? :P

    2. iristearz


      where is the NPC?

  3. finished the new dating quest ~ 50 brand new dialogues, 8 new mid items to slot... ingame update following probably tomorrow... wait for the official news ;)

    1. S4T4N


      Aw'some !

    2. dcrucial


      great !

      I mean the new pic ^_^

  4. Actively working on gRO again~ Expect to see more of me soon. almost done with the new dating quest!

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    2. Holly Enix
    3. Dothy~
    4. Whale


      how many more prayers i need to recite just to be ur friend

  5. BACK @ HOME from ITALY. Fantastic vacation - lovely beach & quite some hotties. ;D

    1. Bex


      Ciao bella! ;) Welcome back! :D!

    2. akira21
    3. MarlboroBabe


      herzlich wilkommen daheim :* see you IG reaaall soon! :D

  6. Guess what, after some hardcore scripting I finished the Prism Changer, the new Prism Effect (Lux/Pimp Effect, just for Priests so they can have another headgear too), and made a nice quest for 4 new headgears and added 3 new slotted middle headgears to the dating quest :) Update coming tomorrow (hopefully). :D

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    2. Tailz


      Renee you rock!

    3. Bex


      Hoorayyy! Thank you so much for explaining it more to me =))

    4. Uyeda


      Greatly appreciated ! /no1

  7. Hi Teelex, i just stumpled on your profile and wanted to say hi. xD how are you? Long time no see :o

  8. Amy winehouse is dead - not a surprise, imo. :o

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    2. Frus


      she's always been a walking corpse to me

    3. whoknows27


      She is dead. No big surprise. *Eats Sandvich*

    4. Lipton


      she deserved it

      stupid crack-whore

  9. gonna watch HP 7.2 :DD

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    2. xAaronx


      -shrugs- I kinda lost intrest half way through the series,and the relationships are all over the place so im confused half the time ~.~

    3. Mangos



    4. Rainee


      Epic is epic. I cried ;_;

  10. Please stop provoking any further ;o I am not a housemaid to clean up the mess behind you. (referring to your status). Thanks.

  11. @ school until 10.30 pm.... NOEZ.

  12. Hey cam (: glad to see you here, unfortunately this year is an absolute horror for me, barely got the time to assist much but short events right now. Hopefully you'll be around sometime when I am so we can chat a bit (;

  13. Hi spider. Nice spider. Let me pet you. WITH MY SHOE! Haha spider. Dead spider. xD

  14. quality management once a day keeps the fail of exams away :D

    1. Paramour


      Weirdly, I'm doing that too, but I still fail my exams. Ohwell.

    2. Holland


      Im sorry to bother can you healp me PLease

  15. Damn, I slept from 2pm to 6:45pm... and missed an appointment at 6.00 pm x_x

  16. Happy birthday skip ^^

  17. I love you for doing the acts XD thanks

  18. just saw a shooting star :D

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    2. Mahrze


      3 days have passed, and no-one has yet to laugh. You failed, Pat.

    3. key


      @PAT LOL

    4. Mahrze


      And the communal bandwagon makes it's appearance.

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