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  1. hey alexaa. Old time player here and was looking around since i was browsing some private servers the other day. Turns out i still remember my account lol.

    My in game name was "I Dont Give Chances" and was a stalker for the "Undecided" guild. Headed by Bisdak/Watermarks/Gally .   I know ur priest from 2008 "Alexaa" and youre from Apocalypse. Our guilds usually clash. I also remember your creator. I see Bryan Fury lurking in here, nice to see him too. He is a SinX from your guild, Apoc. I remember. well. if you guys are still here , looking forward to seeing you in game. 


  2. I do enjoy an NPC quest for headgears, it gives players some incentive to actually play the game
  3. Yes they were, and also these from memory of adding/removing them from the vote shop a while ago. 18563: Heart Wing Hairband 18570: Ancient Gold Ornament 18571: Lucky Hat 18657: Pegasus Wing Ears 19515: Yellow Hat
  4. Alexaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    2. Alexaa


      trying my best to stick around this time! /swt3

    3. Rayvier


      It's all good, we just came back too ahah

    4. Alexaa


      yay! friends :p

  5. Trap Research skill maximum level is 5 I think, I could be wrong? Scratch that, I just made a ranger, and I can't apply any skill points either? @Everade pls
  6. ..you baited me with the title
  7. ich vermisse dich ❤️❤️ 


    1. Alexaa


      you've been gone for 50 years

    2. WindstormDragon


      YAH and im back, kinda

      ... just log in once in a while haha how have u been

  9. Tbh, its all in your connection to the server. I couldn't pass that part at all and had to get someone to do it for me with a quicker connection or maybe its cause I'm awful at quests.
  10. Hey Noob, I miss you. /sob

  11. hola

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    2. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      When you have time, come online. :(

    3. Alexaa


      sure thing, after my exam on wednesday :)

    4. D e M o N
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