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Status Updates posted by Alexaa

  1. ich vermisse dich ❤️❤️ 

  2. hola

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    2. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      When you have time, come online. :(

    3. Alexaa


      sure thing, after my exam on wednesday :)

    4. D e M o N
  3. working full time and full time post grad study :(

  4. hi cai

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    2. Alexaa


      you've been gone for ages, i've been a gm since 2012!

    3. caiLel
    4. Rick Ross

      Rick Ross

      so you people are still here O_O"

  5. tip of the day: GM's will always appear in the right side panel of your chatbox :)

    1. Gale Windscar

      Gale Windscar

      but no one is at the chatbox :/

    2. D e M o N

      D e M o N


  6. HALLO

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    2. Alexaa


      i've been seen past few weeks :[ and super busy with work!!

      and you??

    3. Alexaa
    4. Yumii


      yeah the weathers been pretty horrible in sydney - hot and then rain, hope you're feeling better love! i got uni and urgh it's killing me T-T

  7. happy new year!! hope you all got through NYE alive :)

    1. ChuckNorrisII


      happy new year gm. i got a message for you. hehe thanks

    2. EnzoFerrari


      Happy New Year Lexaa, u sexy ass btch! <3

  8. is home for the holidays :)

  9. Hello guys, I know a lot of you are returning and have forgotten your account info, please send me a PM so I can help. (my inbox is pretty busy atm, so please be patient.)

  10. hey guys, if you'd like to follow and know what i'm up to, feel free to add me on snapchat: liliewings. (no dickpics, sorry fam).

    1. D e M o N
    2. Invalid name xD
    3. Tunes


      L00L you kill me with the dickpics

  11. Me for the past few weeks working on things: http://tinyurl.com/mylifern

  12. working.. working....

  13. Hey Guys! Remember to like our official facebook page!! https://www.facebook.com/gatheringro

    1. Spectator


      finally, gro fb page is alive... :)

  14. 恭禧發財!

    1. Yzobel


      More Power GM Alexaa!!! :)

  15. happy valentines day and 10th anniversary my loves

  16. prizes for the Monthly Screenshot Event have been mailed out, thanks.

    1. Aii


      Thabk you Lex...:D

    2. Ren
  17. hey guys, sorry about the down time, the server will be up in approximately 30mins. :)

  18. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and for those who don't celebrate, happy holidays

  19. hey guys! i've been totally set back with a few updates for in-game and on the website due to food poisoning over the past week, but since i'm feeling better now, i'm dedicating my weekend to events and updates!! ♥

    1. Dothy~


      gm pls giv free itans!

    2. leaphar
  20. winners of the September Screenshot Event, may contact me for prizes.

    1. ken


      I thought I'd get free maccas </3

  21. is now Online ☺

    1. ken



    2. Alexaa
    3. Voda


      love you chocs - tea. (idk how our nicknames come about, so silly... hahaha). <3

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