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  1. I don't use these unless for back-up bows but there's a few new players that are Rangers that do Item ID# 1746 (Elven_Bow) Item ID# 1732 (Earth_Bow) Item ID# 19019 (Elemental_Crown) Item ID# 1730 (Burning_Bow) Item ID# 1731 (Frozen_Bow) Item ID# 1733 (Gust_Bow) @Everade And presumably, Elemental Clothes also wouldn't have it's combo with the arrow/bows, as the rest don't have the combos working either. It's effects are supposed to have combos with Earth/Burning/Frozen/Gust bow and Earth/Wind/Crystal/Fire arrows: Item ID# 19048 (Elemental_Clothe)
  2. Elemental Crown also does not work with any of the combo it says on the item: Burning/Frozen/Earth/Gust Bow
  3. Can confirm, none of the combo effects works for elven bow + arrow or those other bow and arrow combos mentioned by the topic starter
  4. Kaze? Are you still around?

  5. I heard gRO's been less populated than before though :-(
  6. And do the enchantments work in PvP/WoE, even when the headgear it's put into doesn't have effects in PvP/WoE?
  7. How many people average attend a WB event nowadays?
  8. It's a mini-boss card. Those can't be put in lower headgear slots
  9. I'm going inactive again. WoE is boring nowadays. I'll log into the forums but that's about it. PM me when you're back please. Still want the prize from the Letter to Santa Event (no GM box please lol). Take care!

  10. Oh wow that chance still seems to be high then because it was tried on char with 200 AGI and 173 LUK and 40% max weight Thanks for the clarification!
  11. Was counting on that extra +5 for a specific build. Wasted a refine certificate and blessed ores just to get it to +9
  12. Maybe in WoE shops too? It's been dead recently, most specially WoE 2
  13. I think the same seems to be true for Earth Bow + Stone arrow combo as well
  14. I did On a char with Gloom card, 100 CRIT, and Maximize Power on (via Master Buff Scroll). De-equipped and re-equipped bow and arrows to remove the Holy Element weapon enchant from the scroll. I did this in order to make the damage as consistent as possible Results: (Same weapon, same arrows, same refine rate) No cards on weapon at all = 1m 33s 500ms (just Gloom) 4x Abysmal Knight cards = 1m 13s 422ms (Gloom + 100% more damage to Boss monsters) 2x Orc Skeleton and 2x Butoijo cards = 1m 17s 797ms (G
  15. But Abysmal Knight card says it does 25% more damage to Boss monsters. This is confusing Could a GM also help clarify please?
  16. Not if each hit only does 1 damage. It'll probably last about 6-10 seconds with 1 damage per hit and a 700 HP. Anyway, I just meant that the RMS source wouldn't even be the same one as ours What in the heck, all these GXs with Abysmal cards.... useless then
  17. Michi said it doesn't anymore, and that Ray was the one who told him that XD Just clarifying since he's a good source lol
  18. Strange. It's a potion though, not a buff from a spell/skill
  19. Thanks for the screenies, Vio! Yea, definitely no +50% more damage
  20. Tested it on Althea Field dummies. Equipping Elven Arrow VS Oridecon Arrows, when wearing an Elven Bow deals the same range of damage. A +50% more damage would have been noticeable Which is what a similar thing happened to a former report about Gust Bow and Arrow of Wind bonuses not working
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