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  1. Ahahah just payin' a visit to the forums :) *hugs*

  2. OMG! DEENZ!!!!! ♥ :D

    moo :3

  3. Yeah just getting alonggg~ making some friends. x_X i have exams in a week. XD

  4. Yeh been busy ;) You're still around I see. Ahaha. I might come back after exams...

  5. Deenzzzzzzzz~ QQ how have you been? long time no talk. :

  6. err hi :) Nothing much...

  7. Hi deenz wassup?

  8. I found you but you're not on either :( lol


  9. Ive been in WOE lately (WOE 2), helping a friend, playing sinx. I'd love to use my priest again tho :P

  10. let's say im not on much and avoiding msn xDDD

  11. Yeh you will see me around. Probably during easter break. Ahahah. Do you still WOE though?

  12. Awh... Hmm I might have lost you in my contacts. Pm me the add?

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