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Status Updates posted by Rayleigh

  1. Please don't try to enchant the 3rd slot of your Temporal Boots if you have the Crit enchantment. There is a typo in the script, it will reset your boots.

    1. Gale Windscar

      Gale Windscar

      Also don't use the indentify guy in the station for Crimson Weapons and Gigant Snake Skin as the element and enchants are ignored by him!!

  2. Additional Riddle has been posted! Khaii, Sadam, Killer Wing: PM me your solution!

  3. You get an additional reward for solving the current riddle (check my last post). Hurry up and try to solve it before I post a hint (in 3-4 days) at which point the additional reward will be dropped.

  4. New riddle has been posted!

  5. A new riddle has been posted

    1. Hersheys


      Sent an answer! /no1

  6. Today's riddle has been posted.

  7. Today's riddle has been posted.

  8. First Riddle has been posted!

  9. Check out my new forum event in the event section. All players are welcome to join.

  10. List of winners for the Write-A-Guide event has been posted! Please PM me the name of your character that you would like to redeem your prizes with (cash points will be added to the account of that character, for those of you who qualify).


  11. Babies VS Mvps event is UP! Lvl yourself a baby (no 3rd class), form a party of max. 3 members and register here http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=48362#entry405574. You get prizes for participating AND you get to keep the drops from the MVPs!

  12. Please read my reply to the LHZ4 Quest Topic and see if it works for you. http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=48313#entry405510

  13. Belphegor + MVP event (rehosting) come online if you read this (16:40 server time)

  14. The EURO 2016 forum event has been updated with the FINAL MATCH. This time, you get a point for predicting the winner and an additional point if you predicted the correct result! http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=48215

    1. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      Thanks for the event ^_^ looking forward to more events like this

  15. The "EURO 2016" forum event has been updated with a new set of matches (semifinals)! Please post your predictions before the 6th of July 20:30 server time http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=48215#entry404265

  16. The "EURO 2016" forum event has been updated with new matches. Deadline to post your predictions is the 30th of June 20:00. http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=48215

  17. http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=48215#entry404273 EURO 2016 Forum Event! Predict match results and win prizes!
  18. The PVP Tournament has concluded! Thank you for participating! I have uploaded the replay file for the finals: http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=48156#entry404126

  19. You can also send me your registration for the PVP Tournament via PM if you don't want others to know what classes your team consists of!

    1. Rayleigh


      Deadline for registration has been extended (11th June 17:00 server time)

  20. There will be a 3vs3 PVP Tournament in 2 weeks. Talk to you friends, decide what class each of you wants to play and don't hesitate to register!

    2. lancelot


      Is it possible again to atleast have a 1 week trade lift with glorious items? Just before the PVP tournament, like for some players to retrieved their items from other account?

    3. Hersheys
  21. Server is up again, new NPCs are at woe_map 199 208

    1. lancelot


      Hello, question though i reported it. We can't mount dragons/gryphon anymore when we ask the rental service npc guy?

    2. Rayleigh


      Yeah something was wrong with the NPC but Everade has fixed it already.

  22. We are almost set to release an update that will not only include further skill balancings and bug fixes but also a complete overhaul for the drops of WOE treasure chests!

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    2. Hersheys
    3. Asakuraviper


      the woe treasure chest would it still contain god ingredients?

    4. Rayleigh
  23. @mail won't work anymore once this update goes live so you should take out your items from your mails while you still can

  24. What got to you, was never meant to miss you.

  25. I've just broken both my gweps in an attempt to upgrade them past +10, only to hear from a friend that the risk is not even worth it since the GM team nerfed Slaughter effect past +10....I don't know shat to say..disappointed and frustrated..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. leaphar


      Ya, vweaps > gweaps zz

    3. Beastboy


      you get 3% dmg ea refine lvl.

    4. Rayleigh


      Yea which is completely fine but I don't like that such things are not listed right after the update in form of a changelog or sth., when upgrading I thought it's the old slaughter eff.

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