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  1. The endow effect should take priority for as long as it exists. After that, your weapon will return to its original property.
  2. No, unfortunately wind walk doesn't stack with any other item/skill speed upgrades. People usually use moonlight + brazil hat/helm of hermes (budget) or Cosmic Infinity (expensive) for max speed on rangers.
  3. This feature already exists in the form of a usable item. The guide's pictures are broken but the tool mentioned there does what you are suggesting, although it yields well below 50% frags. There is no such feature for BG and I am not sure it would be a good idea, as it might (even if only a tiny bit) affect BG activity if you can earn badges through other means.
  4. I guess if gro has custom agi values for these bosses it makes it worse, in which case the agi stat can be reverted to original. If we don't, then teaming up with spell casters might be an option.
  5. The fact that you need a lot of instance runs to get the cards makes coagulated spell a valuable item, giving players (especially beginners) a good source of income for zeny and a reason to run the instance several times. Rich players, if they want the card badly, can easily buy it from other players. It's a healthy balance, in my view. Given Gro's playerbase, I am not sure there are enough coagulated spells in circulation, though. This is the main problem in my eyes. A slight increase in the amount of coag. spell dropped per run might help.
  6. It's a known bug with the emulator. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/4279 They are not sure whether flat regen bonuses officially stack, so they haven't fixed it.
  7. In the light of the recently added Mecha exclusive gear, your statement is inaccurate.
  8. It should be Flee. Adjusted the info in the guide, thanks for pointing it out.
  9. PM Everade some important info you have on your accs that you can't reset (to prove they are yours). He might be able to help you out.
  10. Looks like they are currently unavailable. They need to be added to the Black Market NPC under the Genetic shop. 12418, 12419, 12420, 12421 Their prices could be set around the price of item 12428, I guess (if it is in the shop).
  11. I agree with the suggestion, players already have acess to +7 certs through DQ (which takes 5 days), so a chest that contains 100% +6 or above every 30 days shouldn't upset the balance of the game, at the same time, it would serve as an additional incentive to keep logging in.
  12. The description is outdated. This rune (and others) have been updated in the past. This is the change that relates to your report: wd.damage *= 3; // Triple Damage (Old script) wd.damage << 1; // Double Damage (Current script) I wouldn't worry too much because runes have gotten yet another update (along with the RK class in general) and therefore this is not going to stay like this for too long. Though the description should be adjusted (especially the "break target's weapon" part is confusing, it has a chance of breaking your own wep, not
  13. Great guide, rich in information but concise in its presentation.
  14. Knock back effects are disabled in WoE, Shadow Leap (and some other skills) lose their "cell moving" functionality because of this. That is what you are experiencing. Unfortunately, it is official behaviour and thus has always been like this.
  15. Special cooler is an upgraded version of cooling device. There is an NPC in prontera who upgrades your cooling device twice for zeny. The upgraded devices reduce heat by a larger amount (45, 75, 105) and should work just like the first cooling device. If they are not recognized by the client (which they apparently aren't), it is likely a bug. I can see the code for it is present in rAthena, the program GRO is based on, in skill.c and in skill_require.db Not sure if the code is faulty or GRO lacks the latest update regarding those files
  16. When using a weapon to attack, damage output will be subject to variance depending on the level of the weapon (this holds true for MATK, too!). It will be difficult to make out a 15% attack/magic dmg increase by a specific card that way, especially when the damage output is very low. To avoid that: - Attack barehanded/cast magic skills barehanded - Use a Blacksmith class with Maximize Power with a +0! weapon equipped (overupgraded weapons will still have variance) - Use the item "Master Buff Scroll" which casts the Maximize Power buff on any character
  17. The typo made Ignition deal 2525% extra damage, so I am glad you reported it immediately @D e M o N.
  18. Because the higher your ASPD, the more it takes to gain + 1 ASPD.
  19. That was actually a typo in the part that regulates damage on monsters. Sorry. It's been fixed now.
  20. @mvp_kost the item bloody page has been removed from the NPC script, meaning the item won't be a requirement for the item gathering request anymore. The typo with the rank in the news was just a mistake.
  21. It's not supposed to work on long range attacks, though. That is classified as bug guys.
  22. Nah, the description is not accurate there as well. It simply has a chance to start a HP / SP regen bonus when dealing magical damage. There is no script to gain HP/SP from dealing magical damage, only physical (Sniper Card).
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