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  1. 30miths + 4 gathering ro coins, its the same, 4 gathering coins is worth 20pcs of mithrils

    1. Yzobel


      Melo is so lazy to do da daily quest. HUEHUEHUE :3

  2. MeIo

    Server Maintenace

    "Added global donation drive on event staff npc. Players can now donate Mithrils into a pot. Belphegor Event will automatically start as soon as the pot has been filled. (limited time only)" mithril scammer npc.. she's a bitch for real
  3. that belphegor event npc is a fuckin' scammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. doing it with random time would make it lesser people to participate.. people who wants to participate would rather spend their time on other stuff than just waiting and refreshing the forum page till a new puzzle has been upload.. it's better with schedule atleast those players who would like to participate would know what time should they come online.. just sayin too
  5. if you don't have budget to buy convex, don't abuse a glitch to make the server crash and when it comes back online ur the only one who's awake to kill all those mvp.. nice move man!

  6. basaaaaagggggg!

    1. CannonMP258
    2. MeIo


      nkakatrauma ung npc ng brynhildr. wahahaha

  7. sir it's not a bug, it doesn't heal coz custom mvp's dont use skill that was the bug before and now it's fix it really heals itself when it's hp turns 2000 and that 1dmg per hit is just normal coz it's a plant race mob.
  8. hit it till it's hp goes to less 15m, it'll transform
  9. u'll get ashes when u reach floor 25,50,75,100 u can use the ashes at 1st floor right side when u got inside and u can warp @26th[1 ash],51st[2 ash], and 76th[3 ash]
  10. it drops items when it transform into werewolf, use @mi werewolf.
  11. Love of the Royal Guard ^_^

  12. bbye GRO! :D

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    2. RainbowPowder
    3. Tunes


      Melo your leaving??

    4. RainbowPowder


      Sadly, he did. :\ He told me it's only temporary, though. So we might see him around sooner or later :D

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