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  1. those strong players dont use zenny add a limit to how much you can buy each day make it character bound
  2. Premium item? Then adjust the price. The point is that people will spend zenny, if its a premium item isn't more tempting to buy said premium item?
  3. AB class will be extinct? Linkers, they're extinct and nobody cares. Next will be Gunslingers. 1. then aren't AB already useless? 2. Lauda Agnus, Lauda Ramus, Epiclesis, Status recovery, Decrease agi, Clearance, Expiatio, Renovatio, use Asperio on breakers?. Battle type AB (more emp frags since you also deal damage.) And its not like we are taking away these skills from AB class. Canto Candidus > Increase Agi (Higher level of Increase AGI) Clementia > Blessing Praefatio > Kyrie Eleison AB class Heals faster than Genetics(Geneticists prefer AD type, SP is just a bonus) This also helps Genetics since FCP bottles aren't free Let's go with @D e M o N's suggestion, every death in WoE = 15m, every expiration = 15m 3. I play AB in WoE, and evrebody wants sacra. Imagine there are 2 Sorc and 3 WL all asking for buffs(Even rangers ask for it), and the last person you are about to buff suddenly starts talking trash like "putangina mo bobo buffs" "sacra tangina mo" "mag quit kana gago". They can buff themselves. ohmygod i'm drunk...i'm sorry in advance
  4. yes, this gives more purpose to zenny
  5. Novice buff scrolls are dropped by mobs
  6. Make an NPC that sells master buff scrolls. (5m per scroll?) WHY? 1. PVP purposes 2. Solo hunting 3. Helps the circulation of zenny Q. Wouldn't this make AB useless? A. No. Buff scrolls don't heal you.
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