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  1. Go to your RO settings, and under the audio tab choose "No Audio" on the first drop down box. Not sure what causes this though, but that's a temporary fix.
  2. Can we also have all pet food in the pet store? Some pet food are missing.
  3. Due to balance reasons. I can't really take a side on this one but I believe the conservative approach and decision to nerf these cards is the right one - as to how much it was nerfed, I can't comment as I haven't tested things yet. But here are some points: Hydra only applies to specific races. True Bio5 applies to all races. TGen is an MVP card. True Bio5 is a normal mob card. Most end-game weapons are Level 4 ( though it is hard to get that +14 bonus on a level 4 weapon ) Unlike Old Bio5 Heagears, the bonuses of these cards apply on PVP/WoE. So yeah,
  4. For reference, I haven't seen an old official & custom pet that can be autofed.
  5. As per experience, the old pets and old custom pets e.g. Incubus, Yoyo, Savage Babe, Thanatos Dolor, Baby Leopard etc.
  6. Noted. That's fine, as long as the concept is similar. Thanks.
  7. Great updates, looking forward to the other job improvement projects! Just a question, is it safe to assume that the damage calculations for the ninja skill is the same from this translated kRO patch notes? Thanks!
  8. Your character must have a guild and have the guild skill to hit emperiums.
  9. I had the same problem but this solution works. Thanks.
  10. Tested with Elven and Stone combo. It's not working.
  11. Did the NPCs for the Bone Mask quest which were in the old Prontera Castle moved to the new one? Found them
  12. Got it, thanks. Was suspecting the same since I couldn't find any patch notes for it. This can be closed now.
  13. Necro-ing the thread for a suggestion. How about adding items from Overseas Care Package from iRO/jRO? Just a thought.
  14. Hi! I can't seem to put skill points to new skills/reworked skills? On my Archbishop, I can't put skill points on Vituperatum (AOE Lex Aeterna) and Convenio (Emergency Call for Party) On my Sorcerer, I can't increase my Varetyr Spear to level 10 (old cap was 5, description now shows 10) On my Genetic, I can't increase my Cart Tornado to level 10 (same case as Varetyr Spear) On my Warlock, I can't increase my Tetra Vortext to level 10 (same case as Varetyr Spear) On a side note: I noticed that Release has a cooldown? Was this intended? I tried searc
  15. Okay, so this has been brought up before but had no success. Currently this is what we have: This is why this item can't be used in WoE/PVP/Instances. But upon checking other sources: Ratemyserver: Divine-Pride Type: Consumable and no healing clause I don't know why ours is different but it didn't really improve the usage of Enriched Celermine Juice if it was intended. Previously, discussion about implementing a workaround for one item in our no potion rule w
  16. It It seems that old pets (or some of them) have no autofeed option. the autofeed function is not available to my Yoyo and Incubus. is this intended?
  17. Is it possible to implement a reset feature on HTF enchants? (Silvervine Fruit) None of the enchantments are gamebreaking: Thanks in advance.
  18. Gale Windscar

    I'm Stuck

    This is an existing issue with NPC dialogs since the last update due. You can reach out to @Everade here or in the discord server, I guess.
  19. No worries. It's quite an easy concept to miss since the game doesn't really explain/address it.
  20. The slotted is still better, because flat +MaxHP bonuses scales with your % +MaxHP bonuses. And yeah, probably. because the previous effect of unslotted Bryn was underwhelming. Edit: Mind you that flat + MaxHP is multiplied to your Job's HP multiplier and your % +MaxHP. So it's more than you think it is. Check out Dark Lord Helm.
  21. There was an update that buffed the non-slotted Bryn to its current effect.
  22. IGN: Gale Windscar So I found this wonderful and peaceful fishing spot. But one day, I fell asleep while waiting for the fish to bite and I woke up with these family of dragons murdering me! No one messes with my fishing! (it's kinda creepy fishing beside a tomb but /meh)
  23. this is a different issue, I believe. characters are still on that delete trend.
  24. This is a known issue and they are currently working on a solution to fix it.
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