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  1. Happy B-day to our beloved gRO!!!!!!!!!! :3 Happy b-day to us, players/GM´s from a long time!!!!!!! HAPPY B-DAY TO OUR AWESOME SERVER/ADMIN!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ALL!!!!!!!!!
  2. I had my inventory almost empty (and I have 200 STR) so I can´t figure why I didn´t got the Jewel...... And no, I can´t dig it again with the same char...........
  3. By the coin system you mean the Zenny <=> GatheringRO coins? 1M = 1 Silver coin 10M = 1 Platinum coin 100M = 1 Mithril coin That system?
  4. There´s no other choice than getting the coins by trading millions of zenny to GatheringRO Silver Coins? Because the Goldrings doesn´t drop that type of coins anymore................
  5. 10 trunk 1 hammer of blacksmith 1 jubilee 10 sticky mucus 3carat diamond that´s for every x-mas box?
  6. Asique los materiales para envolver no sirven para nada, Abril??? Y yo que los junté al pedo..................... Qué bronca!
  7. In the X-mas time I got this items: Piece of singing crystal Wrapping paper Wrapping lace But I don´t know what they are for.... Somebody can enlight me?
  8. Maybe me and my GF dind´t caught the tip of this, ´cause we couldn´t even start tempering and grinding it! I don´t know how many Ores to put on to start the grind/temper part xD I SUCK! xD Hahahahahahahahahaha
  9. This post is old, but I was wondering the same......... The "UGC Token" to exchange in Prontera, what´s for in the server? Do they work? The NPC exists in some place? ´Cause nothing appears in @warp prontera 183 175
  10. I had to use 332 Sticky Mucus, not 300..............
  11. I know what you mean, but I´m trying to get all the cool items of my 3rd jobs (and also my Kagerou) by doing the change job quests and no by the NPC.... That´s why I cryed for help xD
  12. Doing the quest : http://irowiki.org/wiki/Oboro_Job_Change_Guide I had a problem with the test of weaponry... Even when I put the specific numbers of items, I can´t pass this part... Or I´m so stupid to do this, or it has some kind of problem??? Anybody did this quest recently?????? HELP, PLEASE!!!!! This video explains part of the process, but I still don´t get it............. :S
  13. Did you do all the previous quests? Cause I had the same error............ and I can´t fix it now....
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  15. Reporting errors/bugs -.-

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