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  1. Marine

    Noble Mask

    Lost 22mil during this quest, went in with 45mil. Don't go up to him with more than 50mil, I'd think. If he doesn't notice you when you have that much, I'd try again later or get a little bit more gradually to see if he notices you then. Awesome guide. (:
  2. Item Name: Blessed Valkyrie Helmet (Blue) Item ID: 30011 Why do I want it?: I seek to become one of the strongest, skilled HighWizards in all of GatheringRO, and this helmet is the last and most covetted piece of equipment that I believe will help me get there. Such a pretty design too, with the vibrant feathers spread in a display of dominance, like the wings of an angel, amidst the shimmering metal of which the helm is formed. Perhaps it's a selfish endeavor, but I look to become the best I can be, so that I may defend myself and my friends in both guild war and the Hellbox alike, so that I may achieve glory in both my name and those I walk in the footsteps of..
  3. Does this grant warping to the KH dungeon, or no? Great guide, anyways. :3
  4. GRB donatable? XD That'd make.. for interesting times. Mages would be waging epic wars against each other. ._. Yeah, I tested it out a bit and it's waaaaay too weak, so screw Magic Crasher. As said before.. GTB > HWizzies, seeing as we can't really give up our skill points for Str. :/ If they have it, it's pretty much an instant win against us. Profs and HPriests can get around GTB, but we sure can't, and that's that. However, anybody that lacks Storm Gust and Jupitel Thunder protection get eaten up by HWizards, so there's a big bonus for us.
  5. I, for one, use my HWiz mostly for WoE'ing with my guild.. farming stuff is just a side-hobby for me. xD And yes, I've been considering Kiel.. I haven't been able to get my hands on one, so right now, I'm working with my Evil Snake Lord card. If I ever do, I'll test it out and see what it does for me. ASPD = increases skill spammage. Dex affects casting time, while ASPD affects after-cast delay, I believe.. Staff of Destruction IS nice, but I'd prefer having a shield with Thara Frog. I've tried the Staff of Piercing, and I must say that the piercing ability is very nice.. though, I like my cards because Storm Gust and Jupitel Thunder are pretty much the bread and butter for PvP HighWizards. Meteor Storm is very nice on mobs, I must agree with you on that.. I honestly prefer just Storm Gusting my enemies, because it hits all in it's range AND freezes, so I work with my Raydric card. The only thing we HWizzies CAN do against GTB is either magic crasher (though I'm not sure if it blocks it or not, I need to check), or running like hell. That or investing in Str and getting your ASPD up to 195.. which I've done, after my friend let me put on his VH for me to see the stats I'd have. xD (Thank you, Abba!) Thank you everyone for the kind advice and words, I appreciate everything as I work harder on this guide!
  6. Because you can just walk right out of Quagmire, that's why. xD ...I dunno, I don't see that skill very often in PvP. o_O I never really take it into account. Seeing as the build outside of Int is very variable depending on what you want to do with your HWiz (be able to lug items around, be able to spam stuff, being able to dodge well.. there's all big factors). And thank you :3
  7. Changed equips and stat placement.
  8. I see you 8D!!!

  9. Marine

    Sniper Strategies

    Really great guide - I never knew about trap-pushing before! May I suggest a Wind Ghost card for accessories? A chance of Jupitel Thunder is a good thing, with how fast Snipers attack and how they often have Int for their falcon. I go with two Wind Ghost cards, myself.. Why not Orleans' Gloves for accessories? +2 Dex and +3% Magic Attack are nice (though the magic attack is only really wanted for the chance-cast cards) And one last thing. Why a Glittering Jacket instead of a Sniping Suit? Those help Snipers out a LOT. (crit rate +6, bonus crit rate depending on Luk, +5 Magic Defense and 23% LESS after-cast skill delay? Wow.)
  10. *poke* heeey~

  11. Marine

    MVP Info

    I've hunted and killed a Gorynych before. I have no idea on the spawn time, etc, but I know that it spawns in mosk_dun03. The Goldring Boss spawns in the Blackmarket. Sometime between 8 to 12 hours, I think it was..
  12. Really, really great guide. ;D I reccommend Wind Ghost cards for those who're hunting the Golden Savage - chance of casting lv. 2 Jupitel Thunder really helps!
  13. Marine

    Warp Guide

    I just use @jump to warp about a map. P: It's quicker then @warp (map name).
  14. Yeah, I've been thinking about that. xD;; In my opinion complete protection > +50% protection, but eh. I need to find something to replace that card with. This coming from a non-donater, so.. hmm..
  15. AGI on a magician? Really? Huh, I'll test that out for myself and then change accordingly. Ah, 150 was the Dex number? Adjustments are in order. I'm well aware that Vit users will get beat up by Thana/Ice Pick, but those who want tons of Vitality could just toss on a Tao on an extra armor or whatever.
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