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  1. ok Gm Eve for ur quick resp ..
  2. the two problem stll appear b4 i can log in ..
  3. Gm Eve .. this one stll appearing .. but i can log in now ...
  4. ahahaha! .. abi nko ako ra nag ka error eng , aahahah
  5. damn this .. i want to play badly T_T
  6. xme here too .. that wll appear after done patching ,, zzzz
  7. ohh i see ? its so hard to get one .. zZz and so daRn hard to get a PB[1] . hahaha!

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    2. LKshaye


      from what i remember before only 4 or 6 ppl have that item. same goes for gelerdria[2] +10

      , tho old boxes died.

    3. raphaelluigi


      @Hersheys, it contains gRO tokens now

    4. Hersheys


      Oh no! That was the only way to get it o_o

  8. Pile Bunker T[1], Pile Bunker S[1] where ? zzZ

    1. Hersheys


      I think that's in Beastboy's box

  9. please once again HOH @ the vote shop ^_ .. its almost 6-7months last HOH avial at vshop T_T ..

    1. Storm Surge

      Storm Surge

      thanks advnce Gm Abril ^_^ . hekehek ;D

    2. Storm Surge

      Storm Surge

      or a small devils horn @ vshop T_T ..

    3. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      HOH please :D or NIGHTMARE /gg

  10. vote shop update please !!!!!

    1. Abril♥


      I'll be working on that this coming Saturday.

  11. yeap ,, haha! write a new one we need more guide ..
  12. for making a shabu! hahaha
  13. if u get the wrong emp gears like emp spear . ill only use Ascended Salvage Tool then my 500frag will be back to me and pick another gear ? hehe
  14. Thanks for ur suggestion Gm Everade ..

    1. Storm Surge

      Storm Surge

      I appreciate it ^_^ ..

  15. T_T need a good weapon .. what weap should i use ?_?

    1. Everade


      Saving for a Emperium Weapon is a good pick.

  16. try ur credit history to see where dd ur vote points go ? just try .. ^_
  17. yeah , and update the kRo .
  18. tsk tsk … when could we could bought a cool costume at vote shop for none donator … : [ /sob

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    2. Sissney


      pat pat

      well, we just had a cash shop update, maybe next our team will have a update on the costume shop :3

    3. Everade


      We are using most of the costumes on the ingame costume shop (gatheringro tokens)

      The vote shop is being updated frequently and is also offering other things than costumes.

    4. raphaelluigi


      we could put costumes on BATTLEGROUNDS rewards :))))))

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