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  1. Is there another person who knew your account? If yes, then it's possible that person might be the one who took it.
  2. Interesting! =)

    1. jsum90
    2. Nicolight


      mubalik q dula =P.. Mecha aq gamiton =)

    3. jsum90


      kanusa ka mo dula ug balik?

  3. I experience the same problem a while ago. The answer is, my university blocked things like GRo browser =)
  4. Oh please come back =)
  5. how you used it before with the same connection at the university?
  6. Nicolight

    Updates & Fixes

    Thanks GM Everade! More Power!
  7. If you're referring to Mechanic Summons (FAW Magic Decoy), it's working and it consumes the new item requirement elemental points as you say. I tested it and I was able to summon the types of FAW Magic Decoy using there respective elemental points.
  8. That moment when the first thing you open in you browser is GatheringRO Forums! XD

  9. You mean Hfilir? I think it was disabled due to an old bug.
  10. How about the gender/Skill/Job bug on Oboro or kagerou when having a gender change? I've already reported it. http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=47867
  11. Pile Bunker S is still not available in this server. So for the mean time, Pile Bunker skill is unusable! =) Maybe by next updates it will be available. Pile Bunker S is different from Pile Bunker & Pile Bunker [1]. I'm not sure if the skill Pile Bunker really need's Pile Bunker S [1] or it's just an error.
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