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  1. Happy Birthday~

  2. Where in the world did you find a free server of FF 11?!?!

  3. Yes, yes we do. /highfive

  4. Hah, similar names think...similarly...>.>

  5. I...what...why is this even in the tutorials?
  6. the only time the jur is better is if you want to use your skills, in which case youd want dex. Soul breaker is affected by str and int, so cards that boost that make it stronger. annnd I think Meteor Assault is affected by attack power, so the cards should work...
  7. I dunno, I had all +4-+6 valk gear on and I was getting hit for 120k x.x
  8. Gotta remember Thana does more as defense goes up.
  9. If you want, you could also try 3 paper/1 Mobster. It seems like it'd be the same thing for hydra/skel worker, only for crit.
  10. It's not a typo if you substitute words for words. Turtle Generals do work on skills, sry. Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%. If it said through attacks, then there might be a chance that it didnt. However, lots of testing proves that TGs work on skills better than hydras/etc. I wasn't arguing about the 2/2. I was making a statement that TGs were for skills, not attacks. If you do that against sinxs, you're more likely to have fewer crits. Because you're up against a person who probably has a chunk of luck anyways.
  11. That's crap. You wont always do crits. And if you're double daggering when you're crit, then you're doing something wrong. You never, ever use daggers if you're crit. The whole point of daggers is that they double attack, and they dont do that when you crit. Otherwise you're messing up because daggers do 75% damage to demi-human. Turtle generals work best with skills. Just like Valk Randgris.
  12. Probably not, but a +warn bothers those perfectionists. =P

  13. Corias

    Soul Linker Guide

    E I E I O, I know. I can read. I was stating that I was glad it doesn't work on demi-human (i.e. in pvp) because Esma is easily THE most powerful spell outside of waterball.
  14. Corias

    Soul Linker Guide

    You know you can bypass the whole Esma thing not working by carding up your weapons with spell cards. I dont know how effective it'd be since everyone has access to GTB, but there you go. Just an alternative. And I'm kinda glad that Esma doesnt work on demi-humans here, SLs are THE most obnoxious class to fight otherwise.
  15. Heh, I doubt it's worth my time.

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