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  1. rafelcd

    Vote for Points!

    I expect that too.... But i think it is not going to be updated
  2. I agree if you say sura is invincible, because sura got mobility, high damage,regen (from bg boots, and sura skill) and can cure all disease (froze,burn,bleeding,etc). I personally having hard time when facing sura as ranger. It's not about the damage (since i can reduce it thx to emp armor set and cards), but it's about sura cooldown is extremely low and high mobility. Sura can back and forth dealing damage like super fast. And if sura hp/sp is low, they can body reloct away,fast regen, and back to enemy again with speed of light, and yea... some usually using (Steel Body a
  3. Well because Axe Tornado as main skill got nerfed Mecha still viable for PVE tho, You can ask @Miss Carol for Tips and Build
  4. About Chest Empty... Yaa it's IP based, so only one of you will get the reward. I suggest using mobile hotspot only for WBE. Me and my brother use same Wifi, but when we are going to WOE,BG, or WBE, i usually turn on and use my own mobile hotspot
  5. It means that world boss using star wars force to pushing you back? Jk, it means that you not dealing enough damage to get the reward (at least 1% of world boss hp) or is it bugged? There is a time that I'm not eligible too, even tho i dealt enough dmg.. just unlucky
  6. Yea.. i think so. I'll screenshot it if i found that bug again. I can't record it bcs laptop issues
  7. Hi, I think we need to give some love to one of the World Boss card. Comparing Werewolf to King Poring and Belphegor, I think we can agree that its really lacking for a "World Boss" Card. Lets Compare Werewolf to Tao for example, Tao > Werewolf (we all can agree to this right ?) Tao is also farmable through Instances (Verus,ET) and also on it own dungeon.. It's not that hard to get Tao comparing to WorldBoss Werewolf Card.. Even the Sealed one is still superior in term of maxHP if +10 armor.. We need more love for Werewolf Card So, I have made
  8. +1 For this I'm agree with two option there for PvE : 1. Nerf Axe Tornado by 10 - 20% Or 2. Nerf Gear & Cards Maybe Lowering Gear set and Card bonus is a good idea, because to get high damage for axe tornado, you need high refined gears (such as Old Headgear from bio 5 with good enchant,etc) which take lots of your time and effort. As for PvP, I don't think Axe tornado is Overpowered, since there are many ways to countered it. Well... That's just my opinion i'll just follow the river~ xD
  9. Hmm male and that time i was using number 30 hstyle
  10. Ohh its working... Thank you so much nico xD
  11. I keep getting that message and can't login after im using command [email protected] 30 and suddenly force closed
  12. Thxx Eve much appreciate
  13. No problem with the gRo patcher.. But looks like my kro is not up to date.. Is it trigger the issue?
  14. Here Sir... --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Resource File Loading fail ¸ö\¿ö·Ï_³²_406.pal palette\¸ö\¿ö·Ï_³²_406.pal --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  15. Help... I cannot login my char. I think it because my dye
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