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    Bug Fixes & Updates

    Related in Homunculus Autofeed/Attack section... Were disabled the autocast skillls too? I think we could have the option to enable the autocast skills if the homunculus is already attacking after the use of the command. But the homunculus never cast any skill while attack, I have to cast them manually. (I think the client block that option too) So, I can't take advantage of the autocast skills combo when I'm facing moobs. It's really slowly. Maybe for PVP it's ok in this way, but not in PVE.
  2. Thanks by your answer. It isn't only in comparison with Thief. In comparison with Rangers or inclusive the Alchemist with 189 ASPD (With the homunculus buff) It looks slower. It's possible the option that she misses some attacks but actually she has 647 of hit and it looks exactly with monsters with low or high flee.
  3. Hi, support staff. In this ocation, I have a question about the ASPD of my homunculus. Her ASPD is the maximum (193) how you can see in the screenshot, however in real time, when my homunculus is attacking, she doesn't attack with a notable high speed like a guillotine cross. I can show a video if it's necessary. Her ASPD looks like 180 or 185 maximum for a comparison of the character's ASPD. So, is It normal or Is there something wrong?
  4. Thanks for the answers. Actually, I think it's only a minor bug. I'll update the information if something happens. By the way, the theme is closed.
  5. Hi. I putted and Nigtmare Verit Card on a +7 Tidal shoes but the name of the item didn't change. Is it a bug or it's normal? I tryed to see the magical damage difference attaking with skills in gld2_gef but actually the range of damage is the same. I counldn't see a difference between +7 Tidal Shoes and +7 Tidal Shoes with the card. If i'm not wrong the eqquiped item would have to add a +8% Magical damage but I can't see this effect. What is happening?
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