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  1. Shizuka

    Major Client Update

    Thank you for the update. 😀
  2. Shizuka

    December Patch

    nice updates!!! thank you, gm
  3. thanks for update. but uh @whereis bugged, hope u can fix it soon. thanks.
  4. Update Vote Shop pls... :D

  5. hi, i've been wondering for awhile why the yggberries at house i rented become reducer n reducer. it was 40 before, then reduced to 10, then now only 2. With world boss get tweaked n become stronger, i dont think 2 berries is enough. so here's the question, what happened to rented house? (i rented at warp rent_ma or payon)
  6. you can obtain it via dice game at althea 189 179 [inside the house]
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