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  1. Consider using using this: You can record the entire match that way, there's all kind of odd things going on on bg, some are hard to catch. People that just walk and do noting. Others that decide to help the other team. Some unknown players that leave bg leaving your team out of number whit a clear desavantage. People that have no equips and are not even max level. To make it worst if you complain then those abusers and their friends gets mad at you, not helping you when both are on the same team for example. BG its meant to be played and have fun, i know some are not good
  2. Thanks! that's the idea people say that Gro its very hard but once you know what to do and how to do it, things get really easy and enjoyable
  3. The intention of this guide is to introduce new players to the server, explaining what Gathering Ro is all about. The guide is minded on newbies, so the equips and things that i will recommend are pretty basic yet useful. If you find any new player send him here and also if you have some tips and suggestions fell free of sharing your ideas and knowledge This is also my first Guide on here so it may look at bit crappy and cheap ahahaha. I'll try to make it look more fancy latter. JOBS TO START. Rangers Good to kill MVP and mobs, easy to equip. Warlocks Just for area mag
  4. yeah Land protection is not avoiding Area magic skills like Diamond dust or Psychic Wave. Tested on Bg and pvp.
  5. Roland


    By PJ i was meaning Characters Sorry Deamon i was using a spanish term i forgot about that ahaha. And you are Right Everade its my internet frequency i just wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem or was just me. i have 10Mbps of internet speed but i'm sure that the frequency or ping is the problem. thanks for the answer!
  6. Roland


    i been having this bug for a while now, when join a guild i sometimes get DC for no reason and in some cases that PJ gets stuck which means i can't move or do anything until the game kick that character out. "Disconnected from the server" is there any solution for this? i downloaded the new client and updated Kro and nothing works.
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