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  1. Oh. So the additional 300 storage slots is supposed to be the total capacity provided by the secondary storage? Seems I misunderstood the description. Totally fine, its too much storage anyway. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Recently purchased 'Storage Expander' to have access to a secondary storage (@storage2) for my items frequently transferred char-to-char. As the description says, it also provides 300 additional slots of storage. However, I noticed that Im still at xxx/800 max capacity even when I also have Premium Account activated (also provides +300 storage slots, see link below). Given both storage bonuses, I should be at xxx/1100 max capacity. Please fix. Thank you!
  3. The description says 'a chance to cause Fear Status when dealing or receiving damage'. It is not specified whether the damage dealt or received is physical or magical so it is safe to assume that it is either. Did some testing and found out that its only triggered by physical damage dealt or received. I cant show proof on this since there is no status icon nor special effects when 'Fear' is triggered. The item script also suggests that it is only triggered by physical damage. Should the 'Fear Effect' be triggered by magical damage too? Im voting for it to be trigg
  4. BUG: Warmaster Badge procs the '+Healing Power' half of the time instead of just the '+Atk' while doing physical attacks, while spamming heal skill doesnt activate the '+Healing Power'. There are 3 types of 'Awaken' as the description suggests: +Atk : +150 Atk, +150% HP Recovery? (activated by dealing physical damage). Chants "You toy with powers that are beyond you.." during activation. +Matk : +150 Matk, +150% SP Recover? (activated by dealing magical damage). Chants "Cower mortals, before your master's wrath.." during activation. +Healing Power
  5. Warmaster Badge procs the '+20% healing power' 50% of the time instead of just the '+150 Atk' while doing physical attacks. Spamming heal doesnt activate the '+20% healing power' too. Also, the +healing and +atk procs dont reduce the cast time by 0.2s, only the +matk does. Is this intended or a bug? Noticed this after the instance update.
  6. Asuna

    King Poring Card

    KP's script should just be fixed to its intended effect as to do 20% reduce and additional 5% at +9.
  7. Asuna

    King Poring Card

    I think you meant RC_player script. If its RC_All, that includes the players already. If you put the rc_all and rc_player on the same script then it will stack.
  8. Costume Heart's Key, Heart Half A and B are not showing 🙁. Please fix. Thanks.
  9. Asuna

    New Instances

    @Everade GM do the new emp items work with Emperium Wing?
  10. Asuna

    Bug Fixes & Updates

    Thanks for the Updates GM. Just to add, is Ganbantein fixed too? It only just removes the visual effects of Bloody Lust but not the Berserk effect. Hopefully it will be fixed. Thanks
  11. Asuna

    Updates & Fixes

    No argument on that statement. But it's just that just a few months or days or hours or even minutes before the update was implemented I had a very smooth connection and then immediately after the update it starts to lag like crazy even until now. It could be just some very bad coincidence though. But anyway, thanks for the updates.
  12. Asuna

    Updates & Fixes

    Actually, people from SEA or specifically from PH are experiencing lag spikes and delays at a maximum of around 3 secs (as testified by some PH players) after the update was implemented. There were no issues prior to the update.
  13. Is it possible to make improvements for this card? It procs at 5x5 radius only Lv1 of Wide Stone Curse and Sleep which has a very little chance to take effect and doesnt bypass GTB.
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