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  1. Not sure if this was suggested before but, here it goes! Since the Vote Shop is dead, wouldn't it be nice to still be able to acquire previous Vote Shop Items through other means? Equipment such as Flying Galapago, Sorcerer's Night Cap, and Vanargandr Helm would be available for redemption in the Pro Hunter and/or Evil Boss Fragment shop. Consumables like the HD Elunium and HD Oridecon Boxes may be obtained in similar ways as well. Items such as the Mine Hat and the Advanced Mining Pick can be readily available for purchase beside Torros. Maybe? Juuuuust maybe this could be considered
  2. I recently requested a close friend of mine to commission an art of my Rebellion (it wasn't for free #notofreeart), and I just wanted to show off her works. Maybe you guys would like to have some commissioned as well? Her IG is: sabrinyan_kindred I just want to say that her art is DOOOOOOOOPE.
  3. Kazalus


    Hi, I don't know if this has been successfully reported but, I've been able to replicate the sit-bug with the help of @Mytranos. What is the "Sit-bug"? The "sit-bug" is when your character is on its attack stance but when in fact, your character is sitting. How does it happen? Based on tests with @Mytranos, we've come to a conclusion that the "sit-bug" occurs when a skill that forces you to sit such as Wind Mill or Moon Slasher hits you whilst flinching. The best way we were able to replicate this was Finger Offensive followed immediately by Wind Mill. How does one get out of the bug? You have to use the /sit command twice. In some instances outside the controlled environment, I had to spam the /sit command a lot of times in order to free myself. Another way is to make your character flinch in order to reset the animation (i.e. take damage). Findings: You can't cast any spells while this bug is in effect because despite looking like you're standing, you can't cast any spells because you're actually sitting down. Weirdly, you can still auto-attack someone while in this state. Melee attackers will only be able to attack those who come within range but will not be able to move from place. Casting Wind Mill or Moon Slasher on someone affected by the "sit-bug" will cause them to sit again (in actual sitting animation) which can be very confusing. I believe that the "sit-bug" may occur at anytime so long as a skill that forces you to sit down is cast on a player that is flinching from damage. Multi-hit skills trigger this bug often when coupled with force-sit skills. Footage: Sit-bug Replication (Kaza's Perspective).rrf Sit-Bug Replication (Cressenda Perspective).rrf Sit-bug Replication 1st Perspective.rrf Sit-bug replicatoin 2nd perspective.rrf Hope this bug gets fixed!
  4. Being a Pro Hunter gives you access to the Pro Hunter Market located at (althea_in 75 88) which contains various items that push into PvE end-game territory. But first, you need the Pro Hunter's License that only Pro Hunters who passed a rigorous test may obtain such a license. Step 1: Go to the Adventurer's Guild (@go adv) and talk to Ging. Tip: Don't spam through the dialogue. He will ask you if you want to take the exam, which you reply "Yes, please!". Step 2: Walk down just a little bit and speak to the Exam Supervisor. Select the dialogue "Yes, I am ready." when you wish to take the test. Step 3: Upon accepting the test, you will be warped to the Testing Room wherein you must obtain 4 Pro Hunter's Approval by completing four individual tests. 3.1) Killua's Tracking Test - You may find Killua on the northwest part of the room. This test simply requires you to remember where the shadow stops. You will do this for a few rounds and eventually, you will get your first Pro Hunter's Approval! 3.2) Hisoka's Jan-Ken-Pon - Hisoka is located at the southwest part of the room. This test relies mostly on your luck, and rule here is that you need to win three times in a row to earn Hisoka's approval. If you and Hisoka pick the same gesture, you have to pick another gesture. Example: If you and Hisoka pick Rock, you are forced to pick either Paper or Scissors. Losing against him will cost you a part of your HP and all your SP which is lethal if you drop too low. Eventually, you'll get another Pro Hunter's Approval. 3.3) Netero's Physical Therapy - This test is basically Jan-Ken-Pon but with extra steps. Netero can be found in the southeast part of the room. Tips: When attacking, always chose the "Strike Head!" option. Based on experience, head attacks are more likely to hit compared to the other attacks. On the first two rounds, both attacks must land in order to gain the advantage. Since you are given the first attack, select the "Strike Head!" option. If Netero blocks this attack, cancel the dialogue and redo it until you hit him. When you do hit him, Netero will initiate his own attack from which you will respond with "Counter Back!". Do this until you land both a "Strike Head!" and a "Counter Back!" attack. This will prompt you to have similar or close to similar HP. Alternate between "Dodge!" and "Block!". Based on experience, this helps avoid most of the damage. Be absolutely persistent. Congratulations on your 3rd Pro Hunter's Approval! 3.4) Kurapika's Intelligence Test - He can be found on the northeast part of the room. This test can either be your easiest or the most difficult one. This test requires you to piece certain words together without any context and create something that makes sense. The combination of words are: You now have all 4 Pro Hunter's Approvals! Step 4: Speak to Alluka who is located just behind Killua, and ask her to warp you out. Once out, speak to Ging in order to receive your Pro Hunter's License! Congratulations! You now have access to daily Pro Hunter Quests and the Pro Hunter Market. Note that the Pro Hunter Market is only open to characters who have the Pro Hunter's License in their inventory. You do not need the Pro Hunter's License in your inventory in order to receive rewards from completing the Pro Hunter Quests.
  5. As the title shows, there are quite a number of items that aren't dropping from monsters in the Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance. These items are: Awakened Pere Card (dropped by the Awakened Ferre) Playing Pere Card (dropped by the and Pere) Singing Pere Card (dropped by the and Pere) Jitterbug Card (dropped by the regular Jitterbug) New Oz's Wing Ring (dropped by the regular Jitterbug) Based on in-game searches via @mi command, it is evident that these mobs do lack drops. (@mi Awakened) (Lacks its card) (@mi 3069) (Lacks its card) (@mi 3070) (Lacks its card) (@mi 3071) (Lacks its card) (@mi 3072) (Lacks its card) (@mi Jitterbug) (Lacks its card and New Oz's Wing Ring.) (@mi Jitterbug) (Lacks its card) I hope this helps!
  6. If I may add my viewpoint: I think the issue with the Werewolf card based on what I'm seeing in this thread is that its effect sucks. It's basically a Sealed Tao Gunka Card. Though I strongly agree with @Everade saying that World Boss Cards should not overshadow official cards as it will cause balancing issues as well as lower people's creativity when building characters. I believe that World Boss Cards shouldn't be some sort of staple or must-have too because then people will overlook genuinely good cards for their build. World Boss cards should be... spicy or be that jank card in your MTG deck. My proposal of revamping the Werewolf card is by hybridizing it. By perhaps combining multiple effects that would not be (really) viable on its own, it could add that spiciness to the card. Example: Instead of +50% MaxHP and -20 Def&Mdef (this looks super meh and plain btw), why not make it +20% Max HP, +4% Atk, 10% short-ranged reflect, and has a chance of doing Lvl 1 Axe Tornado when receiving physical or magical damage. It's spicy because it doesn't add a lot of HP but it gets that cog in your head turning and thinking "Hey, I can pair this with this card and this card or this card and perhaps make a build... etc." Or maybe, When receiving physical or magical damage, has a chance of transforming into a Werewolf gaining and losing specific abilities for 5 seconds. (Ability could be: Increase Atk by 100, Aspd by 5, and Defense by 100 when in Werewolf form. You cannot cast skills during this form). Again, it gets people thinking that "MAYBE I CAN MAKE THIS WORK WITH MY HOMEBREW JANK BUILD NO ONE HAS THOUGHT OF BEFORE." However, the downside is that when you transform, people see you and want to kill you since this proposed effect basically makes you go semi-berserk and you also become Thana-bait. So yeah, to close this off, I believe cards like these shouldn't be a weaker version of another card nor should it be "the-most-op-card-for-this-class-or-build" but rather, it should make players think more creatively. Hope this helps
  7. Thanks for the info! I'll revise it along the way.
  8. This will serve as an update to my previous guide. This guide will cover the following: Introduction The World Bosses Class/Job Relevance during World Boss Events Etiquette in World Boss Events Introduction: World Boss Events (most commonly known as WBEs) are one of the custom features of GatheringRO. Every few set of hours, a world boss appears in a specific map wherein players must arrive to and defeat the world boss together. If you are curious when and where the next world boss might spawn, click here. World Bosses often provide a plethora of rewards such as Werewolf Essence, King Poring Essence, and Belphegor Egg which, when opened, provide rare and often times extremely valuable items. After defeating a World Boss, a glowing chest will appear on the spot the boss died. If you've dealt enough damage to the World Boss (around 500,000 to 1,000,000 minimum damage based on observation), you will be rewarded at least 5 Yggdrasil Berries and 1 Evil Boss Fragment. Note: You can only claim World Boss Rewards a maximum of 3 times a day. Any successive attempts to claim rewards will be denied. Evil Boss Fragments are also a valuable currency of which you can trade them in for great rewards at the Shady Figure in the Althea Adventurers Guild (@warp althea_in 69 92). The World Bosses: There are currently only three World Bosses at the present. Who knows if the server is going to add more in the future? Let's break down: Who are the World Bosses? What they are capable of doing? How do you beat them effectively? Who are the World Bosses? King Poring The King Poring is (in my humble opinion) the easiest World Boss among the three. Its high defense makes it susceptible to Thanatos Card effects and the spells it casts are fairly easy to avoid. It also summons an entourage of Poring Guards that don't really help it. Despite the King Poring being one of the 'easier' bosses, caution must still be exercised when fighting this over sized blob. Werewolf The Werewolf is a strong short-ranged attacker that makes short work anyone and anything that gets too close to it. Despite possessing mostly close-ranged skills, the Werewolf can increase its movement speed to close the distance with ease. This is the only World Boss that does not summon anything. Belphegor Belphegor is the most annoying, if not difficult boss to fight. Despite having the lowest MaxHP among the three World Bosses, Belphegor possesses an arsenal of magical abilities and powerful summons. Belphegor is accompanied by three demons: Shalibri, Sonneillon, and Succorbenoth which aid the demon when they are threatened. Class/Job Relevance during World Boss Events: This part of the guide will cover the uses for most (not all) of the classes in the server and their relevance during World Boss Events. Certain classes also have roles to play in the World Boss which are merely suggestive and created based on observation and research during the World Boss Events. Roles: Ranged DPS: Designed to constant deal damage from a safe distance. These classes usually have naturally fast attack speeds or spammable skills. This is one of the more consistent and popular roles taken during World Boss Events. Ranged Burst: Classes with this role are usually able to deal a lot of damage in a short time frame. These skills could have high damage but high to moderate cooldowns to be counted in this role. (Magic classes that deal long-raged magic damage are included in this role.) Tank: These classes are naturally able to soak a lot of damage without dying too quickly or possess skills that enable them to block or avoid damage. Melee Burst: Similar to the Ranged Burst role, classes in this role deal massive damage in a short time frame when in melee range of the boss. Melee DPS: Classes within this role go close to the World Boss and deal consistent damage to it. This role is known to be one of the most risky and niche, only viable against certain World Bosses. Support: This role specializes in increasing the damage of World Boss participants, make sure the participants don't die, and make sure that the other participants attack the boss as unhindered as possible. This role is not very popular do to the nature of reward claiming during World Boss events very damage-centric, making this the least popular role of the bunch. Etiquette in World Boss Events Be on time all the time. Other people have places to be. Avoid Fire-property damage. It's counter-productive. Don't AoE Belphegor. Lest you anger both man and demon. Try something new. If it benefits everyone. Thanks for reading my guide! Do know that this is open to change and constructive criticism. If you'd like to add insights, feel free to add input or correct me if I've made a mistake . Special Thanks to: @Madeleine Jon, @W e n d i r o u s, @Khaii, @Ryu Sakamoto, Ralf, and @Everade.
  9. This Guide Contains: Introduction Stat, Skill, and Item Builds for the various Kage/Oboro Universally Useful Skills Personal Notes and Observations The Kagerou and Oboro classes are extremely versatile classes that can switch between physical and magical damage with ease. The class innately excels under pressure as they seem to have an answer to any adversity that comes their way. In this guide, I will be focusing on the builds I have uncovered while playing the Kagerou/Oboro class. I will also be covering the strengths and weaknesses of the builds as well as tips and tricks on how to play the class effectively in different builds. This guide focuses on the PvP aspect of the Kagerou/Oboro and thus, will not cover their PvE potentials. Stat Build: Pure Magic: This build focuses on fast, and mostly single-target magic aimed to completely obliterate a single unit. Pros: High (mostly) single-target magic which uses three main elements: Fire, Water, and Wind. Most offensive skills have no after-cast delays. Is able to use amulets to increase a specific element's damage. Is able to apply amulets to the ground creating hazards for enemies. Dual-wielding increases magic damage to a whole new level. Cons: Fragile; low-hp making it easy for enemies to eliminate the Kagerou/Oboro. Uses elements that are easy to resist. Str - Added mainly to enable the Kagerou/Oboro to carry more ammunition and amulets. Agi - Higher attack speed decreases cast animations allowing the Kagerou/Oboro to cast skills in quick succession. Vit - This stat shouldn't be too high (above 150 is too high for this build) as it will enable Thanatos Card users to kill you faster. Int - This will be the Kagerou/Oboro's main stat for the Pure Magic build as it lowers the cast-time of spells as well as increase the overall magic damage. Dex - The Kagerou/Oboro will require 150 Dex in order to cast spells at optimal speed. Luk - Added for utility, the Luk stat will grant you resistances to various impairments like Frozen and Deep Sleep. This stat also adds a slight increase to both Atk and Matk. Skills: This section will cover what skills will be useful to the Pure Magic build of the Kagerou/Oboro. Item build: The Pure Magic build will be reliant in switching between dual-daggers and dagger-shield. Stat Build: Huuma Arts: This build focuses purely on the physical side of the Kagerou/Oboro which specializes in various throwing techniques and the utilization of multiple elements. This guide will focus only on the Str aspect of the Huuma Arts as the Agi-Dex build's damage is insignificant compared to the Str build. Pros: Unpredictable; the Kagerou/Oboro can easily change elements through endowing their weapons. Moderate burst damage Has access to different long-ranged attacks single-target and AoE alike. Effective at both close range and long range combat. Possesses multiple fast skills that require no casting Cons: Some skills have fixed cooldowns. Naturally Low HP. Requires more patience to play effectively compared to other Kagerou/Oboro builds. Str - This will be the main source of damage for most throwing skills of the Kagerou/Oboro. Agi - Higher attack speed lowers the animation of cast times thus allowing the Kagerou/Oboro to throw faster. Vit - Again, this stat must not be too high due to the possibility that foes might use Thanatos Card effects on the Kagerou/Oboro. Int - This will be use purely for SP purposes. Dex - The Kagerou/Oboro will require 150 Dex in order to cast spells at optimal speed as well as act as a secondary stat for long-ranged skills. Luk - Added for utility, the Luk stat will grant you resistances to various impairments like Frozen and Deep Sleep. This stat also adds a slight increase to both Atk and Matk. Skills: This section will cover what skills will be useful to the Huuma Arts build of the Kagerou/Oboro. ==To be Continued==
  10. Replicated the bug Blood Sucker Bug.rrf
  11. Just as the title suggests, the King's Glove doesn't seem to proc an awakening effect unlike its other counterparts.
  12. I freshly installed GatheringRO in a different computer and this error popped out upon clicking the 'Play' button on the gRO patcher. The same error occurred when I attempted to click the 'Setup' option in the GatheringRO file. The "GatheringRO.exe - Entry Point Not Found" bubble reappears a couple of times even after spamming "OK" until the client eventually pops up with another error message: This is the first time I've encountered this problem and have tried to uninstall and reinstall the entire folder more than once with no avail.
  13. On the part where you need to take down Sarah (where Fenrir casts White Imprison on Sarah), it seems that Sarah becomes susceptible to skills that shouldn't affect her like Cursed Circle and Guillotine Cross Poison (particularly Leech End). In the gRO website, it states that Sarah is a Boss Monster and shouldn't be affected by such skills. Note: I triggered the Leech End poison through casting Poison Smoke with Leech End on top of Sarah. Cursed Circle was triggered by casting the spell beside Sarah.
  14. Hello again. Not sure if I'm doing this quest correctly but here's what I did: 1) I warped to (moro_vol 110 90) and spoke with Commander Hibba Agip. Results: No quest given. 2) Ran the instance and completed it without much of a problem and defeated Morroc. Results: Treasure Chest that gave Yggdrasil Berries, Old Card Albums, and Old Blue Boxes. 3) Spoke with Nidhogg and asked to be warped out of the instance. Arrived at the Flame Basin. 4) Spoke again to Commander Hibba Agip and still gave the same dialogue as before. Results: No reward given. My question now is that if there are other prerequisites that are needed to be fulfilled in order to obtain the Squad Reward.
  15. I did a run with 8 party members and each of us clicked the chest to receive our reward for defeating the Despair God Morroc. All we got was Yggdrasil Berries, Old Card Albums, and Old Blues. Based on the feedback from the party members, none of them got a Squad Prize after talking to Nidhogg. On top of that, none of us received Essences of Evil for completing the instance. Additional Note: I was using a Neutral Element bullet (Armor-Piercing Bullet) against Gatekeeper Shraim whose element is Ghost 3, and I still managed to deal damage without missing. Conclusion: Temple of The Demon God loots are bugged.
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