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  1. Ok sir. Thanks for your help ! I really need it for my montage. XD I'm trying to make one but I don't have a lot of replay files, so it might take months to finish xD
  2. Hahaha! Ok. He said he hunt 1k mvps and got only 1 op amon ra card. Can't give a link since there is a problem.
  3. Well, avoid death. xD. Death reduce your possibility to get higher emp. frags.
  4. You have same problem with Aketsu hahaha.
  5. I tried the older replay file and ends up same problem.
  6. No. I recorded it using gRO and it is woe in that time. LOL
  7. So, what can I do to retrieve it sir ? Is there any way ?
  8. Did you attack sohee in 1 hit ?. If I am not mistaken Sohee can suicide or something that kills themselves. Try it on the other mobs. Maybe you're just unlucky LOL.
  9. Hahaha! 33 DM point is not bad, my only problem there is the timeout. It is way too long. For example, if your opponent quits, you have to wait for a very long time to win/ to receive the badges. So I suggest, timeout should reduce.
  10. GM please do something about it T-T . I very need this one . ewqeqw.rrf
  11. Hmmm. Try PayMaya, someone suggest that to me but I haven't tried it yet. P.S: Only available in PH I guess
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