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  1. @Everade will the emperium doram weapons be inside the emperium weapon chest later?
  2. try closing all your gro windows first, then open the patcher
  3. Hiya Mr. Santa, Name is Daniel, and my friends called me Gachan ingame. I hope that you are doing great this christmas. Anyway, is my name present on your naughty list now? I'll be 27 years old next year, but I still have a wish for this christmas. I'd love to have a Squirrell Ear Hat, please Happy christmas to you and the elves!! I don't love you but my best wishes are always yours. -Gachan
  4. Not high enough to see the significant changes of it I guess. Thank you for the info, I just read the item script too, didn't know that there's a refine level minus 5 before.
  5. Hello, I have question about Cat Ear Beret, the headie from BG npc. I have an upgraded one and tried on ranger with @duel, and then I found out that the damage+ and resistance+ from upgrade amount didn't work as described. Is there something wrong?
  6. Hello, I have suggestions for mithril prices, Mithril = 45-60m It's because of some people are starting to ask around 60m each. Also a rushing buyer might buy it for 70m each. While most of the sellers also offered 60-70m prices, and I still found 50m Mithril seller. Also, 45m is still a good price for a rushing seller, imo. Also I'd like to add suggestion for improved accessories. Based on my highest suggested mithril price, the production cost should be: 1.8b = 30 miths 400m = mith crystal making cost 220m = 10% of above cost as failure risk cost So, the basic cost
  7. Uh, you need a mini correction about the mentioned level here. Our maxed base level is 250, not 255 right?
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