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  1. Dear Santa, Merry belated Christmas and happy new year!!! #63229: Piamette Hairband Sincerely, Gabriela Wodemeiren
  2. Does the Ms. Carolling quest resets? The Costume Backside Ribbon Bell says "lower" but it's equipped on garment >.>
  3. Graphite Rod: 80 gRO Tokens Choco: 3 Universal Tamers attempts BBQ Picky: PRICELESS!! IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren
  4. The Original - Lady Solace Map Cannot get taming item once you've reached the required destination. Cupid the 2nd - Girl's Naivety Where can you find this item? Pinkamenias Returning - Love Flower Demi-humans aren't dropping the love flowers even when Lovelove Balloon is equipped. Where can I find the chocolate lady npc that use to be in Alberta?
  5. Hmm, I have no problem warping to tur_dun01 😶
  6. I received Costume Flying Galapago and instead of seeing a cute penguin I was greeted with a single red strand of hair or whatever that is.
  7. I was able to drop it just now. Maybe your "lock item drop" is on.
  8. IGN: ii Saku ii My favorite place to fish is on the boat next to Ran (Water Spirit) in Althea. However, today it seem that I've offended her with my constant casting and reeling that she called her pet over. Lesson learn that I shouldn't bother her when she's already grief stricken over losing her nine babies 🤣
  9. sucrose

    Doram Sprite

    Oh, I realized today that I could just change it to @hcolor 0 and the doram's face went back to normal. Thanks @Everade. 🤗
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