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  1. +1 agree 100% nerf this = PvM died, enugh with just Elvira / Dwigh at least do as gacha said if want nerf only usable outside PvP i know many of you ppl prefer PvP but me more of PvM guy so dont do that
  2. +1 for this annoying to equip ammo again and again everytime we change weapon
  3. so i planning to farm the coin by doing the daily quest.. this is what i found the bug Guardian of Rock Ridge Preparing for the Firework Festival thats all
  4. +1 for this this instance is designed for mado mecha build, unfortunately the mado mecha build in this server isnt that popular the last time i see OP mado build is michi which he didnt play it again for some reason so adding this instance will make mado mecha popular i seconded it http://www.playragnarok.com/news/updatedetail.aspx?id=277&p=2
  5. OMG what the hell is this?? i cant call you weirdo anymore damn it
  6. i agree........ me too much shadow booster
  7. i just ask my friend its seems he update the vendor without me knowing its on this Character or this One can you check it eve?
  8. nobody online pitou-chan in this guild.... last time my friend online 6 days a go and this just happen today... i guess i skip DQ untill this fixed
  9. yep allready no vio my friend hasnt online for 6 days so his vend character hasnt been updated 3 hour a go i can still access the gstorage but after i restart my pc and re-log this happen
  10. its said close it 1st but nobody open it right now the only one online is my friend vendor character and the problem start after i re-logging
  11. mvp_kost

    Doram 101

    also foxtail limited to +10 on the description so above +10.. i dont think its possible
  12. mvp_kost

    Doram 101

    ahhh reminder... sice we cant warp anymore to lasa_dun we can go there with teleporter Warper -> Dungeons -> Lasagna -> Floor 1/2/3
  13. i want to make SC too... is this class viable in PvM??? i dont care if this class only able 1 v 1 in PvM i just want it
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