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  1. Hab

    Bug Fixes & Updates

    Yes. I switched graphics from Direct3D HAL > Direct3D T&L HAL. Fixed.. Using the option for the name of my video card also works. Thank you.
  2. Hab

    Bug Fixes & Updates

    Actually, I've updated and am still experiencing this. It seemed to have been fixed but now it's back.
  3. Hab

    Bug Fixes & Updates

    Demon. That worked. Thank you!
  4. Hab

    Bug Fixes & Updates

    Some potential issues here with font: A row of items had font like this while other rows normal. Similar is showing up here with font changes in only some rows: All of my gear shows these font differences. The 2nd box in the above is showing another phenomenon. The top of the font (DEX +3) seems to be getting cut off like this: I zoomed in and it was definitely cut off. And so is the "l" in long and "d" in ranged. So we know its some strange horizontal font effect. Sometimes the font is smaller and sometimes its cut off. Hope this helps. -Hab
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