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  1. Who said it only dispells skills? It is a skill but it is capable of dispelling "the majority of the stat changes, benefits and status effects of a single target. " Also: " Most classes have specific buffs and usable items that ensure their efficiency, and this skill is capable of removing many of them" Source: iRO
  2. I think it always used to be dispellable. I know of iRO threads in 2008 where people discuss builds and mention it as being a pain in the b**t.
  3. A ranking can be a big factor when it comes to motivation (in any kind of game). If possible, it should be close to perfect. For GRO, where WoE is one of the main activities, this holds especially true. I know this prolly requires $, though, so I don't see it happening, not with the current amount of players.
  4. Theo, you shouldn't have started with "finally someone notices this" if you were actually involved in the reporting process. It gives the impression that you were too lazy to report it yourself. On topic, I would have thought at least Khai has the experience and PVP know-how to prevent an imbalanced release of these cards, unless he was not aware that they would be released?
  5. Hmm, only differences I see are that one is a GM char and the other is not and their gender.
  6. hi santa, i also want happy balloons. thx
  7. IronWill

    King Poring Card

    Too many needless posts, here is the gist of it: King Poring Card (61415) needs to have bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Player,20; and bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Player,5; removed in order for it to work as the description states (25% resi to all races). Right now it mistakenly adds 50% resi to players. Please fix this ASAP as this has a rather strong impact on PVP (maybe also reward sanaa for reporting this erroneous script and not keeping it secret)
  8. I agree, multiclient is no longer possible so maybe trade restrictions for WBs arent necessary any more. Or we could have an NPC that trades, say, 2 or 3 equip items of a world boss for 1 world boss fragment, like a collector npc who gives you EBF for rare WB equip. Or perhaps the NPC requires only 1 equip item but the chance to get an EBF is only 25%, if you fail the item is destroyed. As it is now, the untradable WB equip items are just rotting in the storage.
  9. IronWill

    September Update

    The link to devils tower isnt working, i think you mistyped https as hhttps by accident. Good updates, bijou card is especially useful.
  10. +20 food and +7 food for 30 mins is already really powerful. I don't think it's a good idea to push this to +37 stats by further customizing things. Celermine I wouldn"t mind, but I think it isn't really necessary since we have quite a lot of custom ASPD equipment (emp shield gives 2 aspd, for example).
  11. IronWill

    Items not working

    I have encountered the Nauthiz issue as well when I played RK. Maybe someone with an active RK can test what happens if you use 2 nosiege runes in succession? Does it cancel the cast? If not, there might be a deeper issue here. On my RK it bothered me quite a bit, tbh. In heated fights it is quite natural that you press runes / skills multiple times.
  12. Oh my, shuichi has just given this conversation an unexpected turn. It appears the topic starter is playing the victim to circumstances he himself created. What a truly interesting development indeed. Since you didn't refute shuichi's statements, I'd say the verdict is clear: guilty as charged. I stand by my words from earlier, report people who do this (in the future) to make it stop.
  13. Report them and have them banned for 30 days. See if they do it again.
  14. Oho, smarty pants demon, the first part of my post was actually a response to leaphar's statement that those effects are part of the game and items have their own purposes etc. It was meant to point out to leaphar that with custom items it is different, since our GMs cannot account for all kind of (future) items when adding custom ones and thus revisions might become necessary at some point. Guess should have quoted him so that certain people can't make it look like I'm stating the obvious. Anyway, just make the atk of belphs mobs dark element or whatever and problem so
  15. Decent overview. What a guide like this needs are tactics, tho. I am surprised you didn't mention combat knife. This is supposed to be a pvp guide, right? A ranger with combat knife, thara frog, mad bunny or immune shield and noxious with a decent set has one of the best atk/def ratios in the game thx to super trap dmg and warg strike calculation.
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