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  1. @D e M o N i can see that thats why i included it. Because it would have a place in the economy and thats the point. But the reason you are doing the WBE is about the eggs right? and the ebfs? The equipment are just subsititute to the ones you can get in shop and quest. So i think it would be a better shot since you already got a mad bunny going on the WB shop with different stats. Add up to that the KP Royal Mid Gear is already tradable why not give the newbies a profitable run on WB? Also you're going to add up that most of the items in WB Shop are tradable but yeah i can
  2. Hi i would like to share my thoughts about the equipment drops on the World Bosses. Esp. on Belphe and Werewolf i find it difficult to get the Speed Orbs on Werewolf on WW also the Mad Bunny. But on KP is alright since the equipment there which is the Royal (Mid Gear). I'm not stating this for my own gain like its just that it bugs me that the equipments on the other bosses are untradable other than the one on KP. So i would like to suggest that can those equipment be tradable too? So newbie people have access to those gears? I mean getting an Egg takes like 2 to 3 months to
  3. (taken from https://irowiki.org/wiki/Blitz_Beat)  (taken from https://irowiki.org/wiki/Warg_Strike) They're supposed to hit but either won't proc when your attack misses from perfect dodge Please look on to this.
  4. 1 CRIT = 1% chance to hit critical with auto attack only. 100 CRIT = 100% all auto attack hits will be critical. But even if you have 130 CRIT, you still won't be able to hit someone with 100 Perfect Dodge. I suggest that whatever the amount beyond 100 you have, will be the chance you can hit someone with 100 Perfect Dodge. It means that if you have 130 CRIT, then you have a 30% chance of hitting someone with 100 Perfect Dodge, the 30 being the excess CRIT above 100.  Same suggestion for Crit Shield. The LUK value of the victim provides a chance to reduce the attacke
  5. Hii! Bump for this one! Please i'm skill card user with mechs (with mado gear) i think its reasonable due to the fact that it is very useful in farming. I would love to see some answers about this thank you!
  6. Hi, I support this one due to the fact that 10 seconds is a short period of time. And you can just put a card that is suitable for your class which is a big good for it. However, i would like to suggest that lose the atk/m.atk addition and keep the reduce and make the maya P effect permanent with one slot in this way it will have a much more efficient effect for WoE/PvP i mean no doubt adding a Maya P on a card slot on your headgear is kinda annoying since you'll need them to put up a good card for your offense of defense right?. So yeah those are my thoughts about this matter. I'm
  7. Patch server is currently not available, please try again later. i keep on receiving this message every time i open the client. I was doing an instance with my friend (Carol) a few minutes ago. Then i got DC`d and this happened. i didn't know what to do so i re-installed the client and is still receiving some error please help
  8. Happy New Year! Everyone!
  9. Dear Santa, I wish you good fortune if this reach out to you. My IGN is FlashAttacker and my real name is Reu Baize, I started playing at this server around the Ghz era i was part of that guild. i still remember the glory days of the Ghz Guild and Ed Stampede that gave us all the support we need and all the great development of the server and i really hope that you guys are still around to help us players fix issues and bugs and stuff inside the game. I really love this server and game although i got 2 jobs here in japan right now i would still make time to play more o
  10. Hi guys! I know i don't matter that much cause i rarely play. I tried i tried hahaha i wanted to play WOE. But every time i try to log in to catch up still didn't make it. I've been playing for 2 weeks. Since i last played years ago. TO ALL GHOSTZ AND TAMBAY MEMBERS POWER TO ALL OF YOU GUYS! although this is good bye! You guys will be forever in my heart. There are some people i would like to thank too. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH! -Gacha -Shu-chan -Belle - Of Reclusion Perpetua (I will give back the things you lended me so m
  11. This is the first time i lost so many items. How to contact them?
  12. @D e M o N Tried but it seems its not appearing. i`ve already browsed all my toons
  13. @D e M o N im trying to squeeze out to see if it appears. i stopped playing for like a year?
  14. @D e M o N As far as i know its not. i lost a huge amount of equipment tho.
  15. Its been a while since i last login to my account. i mean i've logged it on several times now. just for farming stuff then log out again. so when i browsed all my toons i noticed i`m missing items esp. the rare quest ones. So i would like to ask on how to retrieve them back.... so i went ahead and checked my inventory in the website so i noticed that some of my long items are listed there and some are missing... Also when i first logged back on the game all of my equips that we`re equipped we`re in the inventory and the storage... its pretty much scattered everywhere. S
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