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  1. Good Day Everyone Anyone interested to join our activeness to play in this server? we're planning to take some action to make this game livelier by doing Daily PHQ (Pro Hunter Quest) > for Hunter Coins / BG (Battle Ground) > for Badges. Everyone can join! For new player you can catch up easily for this. Old Player now is the time to get some new items Anyone who's interested to join just approach me in game for some information to ask or just reply on this conversation. You can put your IGN ( in game name ) below we can start this immediately wh
  2. We're created some plan for this kind of situation. Like doing some event suited on this matter Don't lose hope we're here to take some action. ~Expect for best not for the worst~ Thank you for the feedback ~
  3. I'm Focusing 80% on this game! expect it most of the time you can really find me ingame/community ~GatheringRagnarokOnline. Give us some suggestion on how to make this game more relevant to us. We're happy to make this entire thing blooms again
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