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  1. Jbpr

    Missing sword T_T

    i dont reply... is your decision... but... equiped sword can not be item consumption... is my opinion loosing a daehyon card...
  2. Jbpr

    Missing sword T_T

    but i choose the option for not convert it and i loose daehyon card
  3. Jbpr

    Missing sword T_T

    i just finishing phq (Endless Tower), and i lost my sword it said tooken off but is not in storage is not in inventory T_T i think it convert in violet fear but i choose the other option hope it can be solved https://ibb.co/tQBNVpQ (dont know how to insert photo) Please help
  4. should be an 8%, 178 Agi total, but the aspd not change, should be BASE ASPD + EQUIP ASPD + ATACK DELAY ASPD. i think should get 1 point of aspd... Low to see but have to see it... Concentration potion +10% ASPD increase 3 points of aspd...
  5. At least ASPD bonus every 20 points of AGI dosent work, maybe other bonus of wings work. Yesterday some one check if emp wings and arch wings work this bonus, and said to me that doesnt work. I got Screenshot of this trouble.
  6. T_T... Kurapika's exam... im really going to throw a stone to him Need Help In game name: Jbpr Thanks
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