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  1. Had exactly the same problem.. Normal mode too
  2. Honestly, everyone's gotta agree to Axe Tornado dealing way too much dps.. Just the amount of nerf is really intense and feels like deleted skilll
  3. Hey there, There's already a Silverine Fruit Box (10) on Cash shop :b Forging section
  4. Emperium Weapons can either be bought from Cyruldus at woe_map 201 206 (500 Emperium Fragment), or can be chosen from Emperium Weapon Chest (Baldr WoE Reward). Liya, the enchanter is located at woe_map 180 201. Enchanting Emperium Weapon Liya will start enchanting your Emperium Weapon with the 4th slot and afterwards enchant the 3rd slot using either 6 Emperium Fragment, 3 Obsidian Fragment, or 3 GatheringRO Token. She will also ask 1 Silver Coin per enchant. Each ingredient enables different enchantments, at different rates. Emperium Fragment
  5. In first place you'll need an Emperium/Battleground Armor + either Emperium Fragment / Heroism Badge. The Emperium Armor Enchanter can be found at woe_map 224 199; while the Battleground Armor Enchanter is located at bat_room 177 141. Enchanting Emperium Armor Armor Enchanter Troy can enchant the 3rd and 4th slots of Emperium Armors using Emperium Fragment. You can choose the type of enchantment on the 4th slot. As soon as the 4th slot enchantment reaches the maximum level of 4, you can enchant the 3rd slot with an additional random enchantment.
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