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    Writing Poetry, Being Random *of course*, Doing the dirty dirty lol jk jk Play basketball, football stuff like that so yeah idk stuff i guess

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  1. So if anybody is looking for me which is Brandon /emoticons/default_tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> i made a new one since i am on internet somewhat again and i forgot my password to this one -_-" so yeah

  2. Panda D:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. heyas bro. when you read that anytimes. im with you~ peace to you and all ur friends. you're great ! keep rockin! i miss you

  4. Your never on msn D:!

  5. BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

    Dun quit........ >.

  6. oh! my bad.sorry,thought you even leaving blackout RO coz of what ive read on your 'my content page'..

    uhm,my pic is yachiru..the vice-captain of zaraki kenpachi..told yah,i love the color pink.,and that girl has a pink hair and she sooo cuteee..

    can u help me put my real pic here?..how?..coz my pic was way too big for the allowed pic..hehe..sorry,idk how..o_O

  7. uhm,you leaving game? even in blackout RO?.

    i've already added you. hope you will accept it,so you can be my 1st official friend here.haha.^_^

    stay safe.

    keep in touch.


  8. oh aw why are you quitting?

  9. YOU CAN'T QUIT. I still fail at not knowing/seeing you in game! :/emoticons/default_th_sob.gif" alt="/sob" />

  10. take care partner in crime.. now for the search of a new partner.. face palm^

  11. :o!!! NOOO dont quit, we just met >.
  12. wadapak! tere's a timer on webcams! -goes look for timers.

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