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Status Updates posted by Mangos

  1. Looool.. TJ? O.o

  2. Slowly getting things back together... Will see me around more soon. ovo; aw yis.

  3. Hurt my knuckle pretty bad.. It feels weird to type. Like My finger will fall off. LOL

  4. I finally get a time to relax from work soon. I missed you guys.

  5. Work is trying to kill me.

    1. Nazue


      watch out... it is sneeking around u ;D *just kidding* but honestly, drink some tea and relax~

  6. Can barely stay awake these days...

  7. I'm sorry but I think my brain just exploded:

    1. key


      That is downright awesome O:!

    2. luna



  8. I don't feel so good... Stomach ache. T__T

  9. Sleepy and lazy day..

  10. My house alarm needs to calm down. Stop beeping. I've fixed it so many times... I'm going insane.

    1. S4T4N


      Throw it out the windows lol

    2. Mangos
  11. Heidi

    1. Mangos


      omg I hope I got the name right. .__. If not well then... awkward..

  12. Well I had fun yesterday. Now I'm extremely tired. It's all good though. (:

  13. I don't feel 21 at all. Hmmm...

  14. Tomorrow is the big day... No thank you. ):

  15. Heartstrings... Damn you. This K-Drama will kill my heart. #alltheemotions... ;__;

    1. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann

      Try to imagine Thomas in a k-drama. Just imagine it...

    2. Mangos


      Lmao I do. I do.

  16. Warm weather makes me really sleepy.

  17. kdsfvdskzvsm Cai

  18. Why do I always get sick nowadays? Bleh

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    2. Bobito


      37deg celsius and then suddenly a rain would get you sick here LOL

    3. Mangos


      I don't live in the Philippines anymore as of 2001? I think. But yeah Idk. I guess it's because it's spring. :P LOL

    4. Mangos


      But it's funny because when I was in the Philippines, I rarely got sick. Lol!

  19. I gotta stop watching all these dramas. I'm kinda jealous now.

  20. K-Drama and J-Drama are so addicting...Man... I wish I could understand/speak both so I don't have to read captions.

    1. key


      Omg, thiiiis. I just finished watching Secret Garden. :'D

    2. Doctor ll X a i
    3. Mangos


      Omg I still have to watch Secret Garden, Key... IS IT THAT GOOD? Everyone keeps telling me to watch it. Omfg.

  21. My bodyliterally feels like jello. Being sick is so stupid.

  22. Must... resist urge... to... get on tumblr... Lolol QQ

  23. asdwqowi ier sda v oremn..

  24. Slowly getting better, yay! but what the hell is wrong with my tongue...?

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