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  1. damn, i thought it was mike(zeratul), sory mate, now i remember u...hahahaha...anyways, hi!

  2. SHAUN! ♥

    I see you online. D:

  3. lol, u came back?:o

  4. There are STILL people playing this? -_-

  5. Oh, we ever getting an update on your guide? o.O

  6. Holy crap, you're on here :D

  7. Happy new year Shaun :3

  8. Merry Xmas man, hope yer having a blast xD

  9. Dudee pass me your server's address I wanna go check it out, I lost forum address again, the one I went to is filled with ads spam xD.

  10. Happy B-day Dude.

  11. happy birthday

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