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  1. ehr! I dont know much about RK's....but one thing on RK I want the most...and that's the Sprite Update! HAHAHAH
  2. its because its acquired from ANUBIS monster the mora vendor covers only the shoes and garment of the said set
  3. I dunno if thats really the case, if it vanishes with you doing nothing. then there's something wrong. But if the case is you wear costume, then switch your headgears then you change into wearing a symbol, you can see you are still in costume, but if you have dual, you'd noticed that you wear your headgears and not the costume itself. Same goes if you go character select right? but this time you can see your headgear too and not the costume, unless maybe you didn't change a thing on your headgear while wearing the costume then go character select, it will make you till see your costume.
  4. any particulars on the bug or OP items that we are not aware of?
  5. Map server down.. when the action finally gets fired up XD

    1. OLOKin


      hahahah.. the return of the cumback

  6. You can get them by many means, some quests does give bloody branch in random, there's Vote Shop, get enough points and buy the bloody branch. you can also have a luck on getting it from event surprise box, which you can win on monster invasion event.
  7. atm the best solution is to use an alternative dagger other than Main gauche
  8. you are killing the wrong monster, the one that drops it is the "Switft Zombie Slaughter" the one which summons 2 zombie slaughter minions. and yeah 10% drop rate and only 2 in the map XD come and talk to me ingame I might be able to help you further.
  9. another issue on crashing, when wearing dual dagger (main gauche in particular) it results into crashing, to wearing katar, or to decarding it. there's a particular situation when I unequiped one of the daggers And the result is I can't access the character except by Browser, removing Main gauche and wear something else. Then access it by the client again. wearing them is fine,but from dual main gauche, when I wear a katar or a different weapon other than main gauche it crashes.
  10. We are having Sprite Errors on the further side of Hell's Box and leading to Crash And Also, I think Vellum bow Sprite is also giving Sprite errors
  11. Yeah they are available,, Most rangers have these XD you can acquire them Via Mora Quests, you can try looking at irowiki, the quest there are almost similar to us,
  12. It was not yet implemented as far as I know, along with the Rebellion, But I've heard there's an update coming.. who knows it might be implemented at the next update
  13. Hello there,my IGN is Keos we can talk about things In game. but Here's my answer to some of your questions XD I'm new here, and I intend to stay as long as I keep playing RO this time (didn't played it for about 10 years). I've just came from about 4 servers in a week, trying to find what I wanted, and since I got every thing here, I wanted to make clear about somethings I didn't get at the start: - On all other servers I played, the 3rd class was an evolution from the regular 2nd class, and not from rebirth 2nd class. Is this like this just in here, or were the other servers wrong?
  14. x J i n x

    Short News

    maybe making all the badges can be obtained in any bg map is better.. 5-10 badges (war, valor, bravery) making all the modes playable XD but yeah conquest rush and 3ple inferno still gives more of the battle badge XD maybe adding to this.. maybe DB would be only disabled on pvp bg and WOE in the meantime instead of totaly disabling it?.. or is it not possible to do so? XD
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