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  1. xamurai


    ^ Nab minstrel, not a reliable source xD
  2. LOL your face HAHAHAHAHAHHA xD
  3. uh, why not Mischievous Fairy instead of Fin helm? just a suggestion though Thanks again and keep up the good work!
  4. Wow, Outlaw?? Really?? anyways, more and more people are becoming copycats...

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    2. Tortalong
    3. Kiridan Kanan

      Kiridan Kanan

      PLAGIARISM!! troollollol

    4. Kentaro Fuyuki

      Kentaro Fuyuki

      ewww...yuck!whats the significance of a wing symbol from the word "Outlaw"? COPYCATS indeed

  5. Both, for access and it will take the Nightmare
  6. hmm, can you post some pics on how it will look like??
  7. xamurai

    Full Client Torrent

    Will downloading of the new Full Client fix the memory leak issues?? because every time I open gRO, it's eating up almost 200 MB of my RAM
  8. I think the buff that is being referred here is the additional 10% to HP/SP itself
  9. I was about to say that, but damn, so elaborate guide, don't you think that newbies will read all of it?? but damn nice job and effort man, wew
  10. Price check for Tao, Imp Ring/Brooch, and Cat Paw please Thanks
  11. I bet you got pissed by all these questions huh??? Nice...
  12. Beast, do all skills do this or only some of the skills??
  13. Umm, Beast, the Aesprika reduces flee again...
  14. I see, so basically it will depend now on the stats that the player has, am I right??
  15. Umm, should Orc Hero card nullify the effects of cracker??? (Gunslinger Skill) coz I have tried to duel with my friend who used that skill while I'm wearing OH, I still got stunned by it, is this a bug??
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