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  1. Lol who said ima donate to this crappy server? Not anymore ... Come wit us xD SilentRO, remember?

  2. Wanna try SilentRO.net? xD

  3. Nm, just visiting :D Hows it going?

  4. Lol ... Ok lng .. Yourself?

  5. Lol? Sup? You still got no pic >.

  6. Diego? Lol ... Cno ba tlga to?

  7. Sup hotteh? xD

  8. Aight goodluck wit teh exams ... Hope you would bomb it *Coughinabadwaycough* /gg

  9. Random comment.

    There I gave you a random comment. What cha gonna do?

  10. Lol its all good man ... He's nothing in game though xD

  11. LOL That was fckn funny man ..

  12. Lol .. Who said you were allowed here before? You never were ... Lmao ... Get lost nab ...

  13. You gotta be like me *Coughspammercough*

    Lol you need 500 posts xD

  14. Lol lol .. I was just playing lmao xD

  15. Who you kissing? Me? *Kissed you back*

  16. Its like I begged you to put my name in it >.

  17. Yeah, no more Cashes on your love list xD

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