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  1. Taken last May 7, 2016 at Bagac, Bataan, Philippines From left to right in-game names: Mao Seiken, Soran Ibrahim, Kuro Saber Alter, Tridagger X, Althuriaz Stormrune, Porcelain, Axel Eternal Flames, Ed Stampede, Dharz
    1. Tortalong



    2. Hersheys


      Welcome back you guys! :D

    3. Yzobel


      Welcome Back at least i have a reason to continue Woe-ing :)

      WoeWithTheBeast <3

  2. I will be hanging out in-game for some time and see if there will be something interesting to look forward to. Redownloading client.

  3. what does this button do

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    2. Frus


      self-destruct button, but don't worry, it was pressed long ago

    3. Kenzie Riann
    4. Spectator


      rebuild the lab!!!

  4. I'm having the same patch problem "read time out". I tried all the possible solutions posted here but doesn't work.
  5. What you do for others echoes in eternity.

  6. http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=36610 Rune Crafting Guide by Tortalong
  7. Have you tried logging in at the website control panel and reset your character's position manually.
  8. Happy birthday Gro. thanks marc for keeping it up and free after all these years. rofl
  9. there is no so called build of jesus. that is just pure myth
  10. well isn't this a good reason to show up in the forums. me and vic has this long history of arguements which i don't even know how it even started, but im pretty sure its been stretching for almost 5 years now. i'm not even sure if that apology includes me but who knows lol. i just want to apologize to whatever shits ive done to you or to your friends and whoever i offended, im on my retirement here on gatheringro and i want to leave without any enemies. if ever we started on the same guild maybe we ended up as friends, but im putting all the past away and im hoping we can have a good start.
  11. wars come and go but the most important part of it are the people who took the journey with me. Salute mi familia Ghostz!

    1. Frus


      killing enemies and showering in their blood is important too, Eddy boy

    2. EdStampede


      you evil gabby

    3. key



  12. awwwwwwwww di k ngrereply s txt ko kuya

  13. thx for cheering them up bro hehe, tambay tayo minsan manila na ako eh

  14. Maligayang Kaarawan! - From Ghz

  15. you stalker! *throws tacos*

  16. where are you sir?

  17. nice sig kuya hahaha adik ka

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