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  1. is everyone having a reunion?

    1. xJyon


      we should totally

    2. Alexaa


      yes we should :D

  2. so like i just updated gro, and look who else has been on recently?



  4. dont be shy tyff >_>.. i see panties as well xD!

  5. i'mma get kos? =S oh well, this just means people won't get scammed by buying overpriced taming items or something....
  6. was yours a real hat? or a rental hat, like from a box that you can keep for a week?
  7. Okay, I'll make this quick. Okay, so if anyone has been reading the change logs and stuff, you'd notice that there's stuff about a Digging Quest in Comodo. It's also the new quest to get Hockey Mask... You probably went to Comodo, couldn't find the NPC. Or just didn't care either way. Anyway... I'll tell you. Note: I only just did parts of this quest today. It's sort of a random quest and a alot of luck is involved for you to get good items or items at all. So therefore I don't have a complete list of the items you can get. 1. Before you Start. Type @go 0 First you need to warp to Black
  8. i think u can still waterball without water, like autocast, but it only does one ball. either that or it does the animation but does no damage.
  9. Updated: Some hats have been removed or moved to other quests... Red Glasses are gone, and Hockey Mask has been moved to Digging Quest This quest is pretty short for some considerably good hats. i'm sure some of these hats sell for 200mil+ so it could be a way to make money. Also the items you get during this quest are pretty good too. Anyway to the Quest! Step 1: Warp to the Leprechaun NPC and start the quest. @warp gef_fild02 216 208 Talk to the Leprechaun and he will tell you his story and send you off to fetch some Four Leaf Clovers. He doesn't speci
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