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  1. is everyone having a reunion?

    1. xJyon


      we should totally

    2. Alexaa


      yes we should :D

  2. so like i just updated gro, and look who else has been on recently?



  4. dont be shy tyff >_>.. i see panties as well xD!

  5. i'mma get kos? =S oh well, this just means people won't get scammed by buying overpriced taming items or something....
  6. was yours a real hat? or a rental hat, like from a box that you can keep for a week?
  7. Okay, I'll make this quick. Okay, so if anyone has been reading the change logs and stuff, you'd notice that there's stuff about a Digging Quest in Comodo. It's also the new quest to get Hockey Mask... You probably went to Comodo, couldn't find the NPC. Or just didn't care either way. Anyway... I'll tell you. Note: I only just did parts of this quest today. It's sort of a random quest and a alot of luck is involved for you to get good items or items at all. So therefore I don't have a complete list of the items you can get. 1. Before you Start. Type @go 0 First you need to warp to Blackmarket, and get yourself some Bronze Coins. Because each time you attempt a dig, it will cost one Bronze Coin. I'd recommend maybe 30 or 50 for you first tries. 2. Another Prerequisite. Type @warp ein_dun01 @alootid 7318 (Which is Old Pick) Now you go around and kill all the Pitman you see. Kill enough so that you have the same amount of Old Picks as Bronze Coins. 3. The Actual "Quest" Type @warp cmd_fild02 87 98 Click on the square underneath you and talk to the NPC "Digging Supervisor". Click the second option, "Start Digging", and he will show you seven different locations on the minimap to dig. 4. The Digging Part Type 1. @warp cmd_fild02 53 94 2. @warp cmd_fild02 72 96 3. @warp cmd_fild02 134 181 4. @warp cmd_fild02 173 110 5. @warp cmd_fild02 252 113 6. @warp cmd_fild02 259 90 7. @warp cmd_fild02 343 123 Those are the seven different places to dig, clicked the square beneath you. 5. The Treasures... Okay, nows the difficult to guide part... I have no idea how it's calculated... So most of this will be guess work. Chances: 40% You find nothing. 30% You find a mine and blow up. (Die) 29% You find a "Box" item. Eg. Fire Converter Box, Yellow Potion Box, Chung E Cake Box, etc. 1% You find a rare item, like Headgears and maybe Event Boxes. Eg. Hockey Mask. So far, I haven't gotten any good items. Or much items in general. So the list won't be very good but I'll try and update... Items you can get: Random Potion Boxes Herb Boxes Gemstone Boxes Refining Ore Box Food/Healing Boxes (Bok Choy Box) Random Butterfly Wing Boxes (Teleported to specific Areas) Elemental Converter Boxes Elemental Resist Boxes Taming Boxes (I got Diabolic Taming Box) Pet Food Boxes (Chung E Cake Box) Dead Branch Box Emergency Call Box Poring Box Observer Box (It says I get an Observer Headgear but only for the week?) Hockey Mask Fish Head Hat ... A lot more I think 7. Conclusion Well, that's pretty much it. I'd love contributions, like other items other people have gotten, then maybe we can get a bigger list going. Final Note: I have a theory that each of the seven spots have one specific rare item. So it'd be a good idea to keep using the same digging site many times. I might add some pictures later.
  8. i think u can still waterball without water, like autocast, but it only does one ball. either that or it does the animation but does no damage.
  9. Updated: Some hats have been removed or moved to other quests... Red Glasses are gone, and Hockey Mask has been moved to Digging Quest This quest is pretty short for some considerably good hats. i'm sure some of these hats sell for 200mil+ so it could be a way to make money. Also the items you get during this quest are pretty good too. Anyway to the Quest! Step 1: Warp to the Leprechaun NPC and start the quest. @warp gef_fild02 216 208 Talk to the Leprechaun and he will tell you his story and send you off to fetch some Four Leaf Clovers. He doesn't specify how much he wants, but it's about 200. (I gave him 200, and he left me with 3 o_0) Note: If your friends have already done this quest (Or just this part). You should probably just go straight to hunting Gold Coins and give the coins to them to trade for hats. Because you can always hunt for coins and people that have already completely the quest can always get more hats later, be bascially becomes a npc that sells hats. Step 2: Get the Four Leaf Clovers! @warp hu_fild04, @ali Four Leaf Clover, and kill all the Breezes that you can find. They spawn for 20 per minute, but drop Four Leaf Clovers 100%, so it won't take too long. Step 3: Warp back to the Leprechaun. @warp gef_fild02 216 208 He will give you 10 Green Ales and tell you to do the second part of the quest. Hunting for Gold Coins! Yay! =/ By the way, not too sure what the Green Ales do, but I think it might be the same as the one from the vending machine - heals half of HP&MP, but may cause Confusion. Step 4: Kill Golden Savages. They can be found in the same map, they spawn for 10/5-15 (not too sure on how every many minutes). These will drop a Black Treasure Box and opening those will give you 1-5 Gold Coins. But kill them is quite the annoyance, they have 500 HP, but you can only deal 1 damage to it per hit, so snipers and gunslingers be warned, use fists, don't waste your ammo. Oh, and worst of all, they explode on death, taking you with it. So you will need to warp back and forth everytime you kill one, or think ahead and make a friend come along with you so they can ressurect you. =D They also drop other good items (make sure you use @autoloot 100 or you won't get them): 100% to drop Yggdrasil Leaf, Gold, Emperium and Treasure Box(normal ones that sell for 150,000z) 10% to drop Golden Gear[1] (Slotted!!!) 5% to drop Old Card Album Step 5: Trade your Gold Coins for hats! Woo! There are ten different hats hats you can get in this quest, including the Magic Kettle. [Ganster Scarf] Here's a list: Carmen Miranda's Hat - 250 Gold Coins Gangster Scarf - 250 Gold Coins Umbrella Hat - 150 Gold Coins Fisherman's Hat - 150 Gold Coins Vane Hairpin - 200 Gold Coins Magic Kettle - 270 Gold Coins Summer Hat - 250 Gold Coins Executioner Hood - 200 Gold Coins Bullock Helm - 200 Gold Coins Kerchief - 250 Gold Coins Note: If you thought you were smart and were going to trade 1mil for the other Gold Coins at Blackmarket, it doesn't work. They are two different coins. Step 6: Enjoy your hats. You are so happy with it and thankful of this guide that you mail any excess Gold Coins to my character, thethingexe... Yeah you do that. ^^" Final Note: I really do hope you guys find this guide useful, I would appreciate some comments. I also hope not everyone reads it, or even more people will hunt Golden Savages... >.> I'll upload some pictures later.
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