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  1. Well its tiring and kinda fun ^^ anyways its almost Christmas....then my birthday! xD

  2. Oh okei~ Kyuu's still gonna support Kisho~ *cheers* ^^

  3. Yeap I know~ ^^ Maybe starting next week~

  4. Hmm if you're gonna be looking for a job...GOOD LUCK!! ^^ Kyuu will support you all through out x3...Its freezing cold here too ^^"

  5. I'm still brainstorming if I will come back xD ...my cans?? I need them ~

  6. Now, I'm back to school~ *sigh* I missed a lot of things but I'll be fine ^^

  7. Kisho!! *hugs* Missed You!.... I had a week off...due to my fever...my aunt caught me working with a fever so...yeah a week off xD and finally my aunt decided to make my scheds at the Cafe not so late ^^ Maybe I'll be coming back at gRO after all...

  8. Hello Baby, xD You're imagining what I look in a waitress uniform?? and How did you know about me and mike? Hmmm....What number are you using? the smart one? I'll text you if I'm not busy...ok baby...Lexa left you!? Y is dat? But it doesn't mean its all over....We can still move on baby ^.~

  9. Well I'm a waitress at my Aunt's coffee shop, she wanted me to try working, so I accepted it, but I didn't thought that it would be so hard *cries* sorry if I disappeared *huggles*

  10. Don't worry, I'm strong ~ Anyways thanks for being there Brandon

  11. Its a new experience for me, but its already wasting some of my energy T_T due to I always come home late...and every morning I have my duty(as a nursing student)... then ...work again T_T

  12. My job? I'm a waitress in my Aunt's Cute Coffee Shop ^^~ After my classes I directly go there to well yeah...to work xD

  13. Kisho!!!!!!!!! I missed you already *huggles* My part time job is making me tired and its keeping me away from computers *cries* and its killing my body *cries more*

  14. I'm so sorry if I don't get on here much, been busy with my part time job ^^;; I rarely use the computer now a days, Kyuu misses you too

  15. Its been days that my phone has no load xD Been busy with the family outings last week and since all souls and saints day is approaching, im gonna be on rarely, I'll text you if i have the time baby~ I miss joo T-T

  16. O.o why would your face burn :o! smiling won't do you harm but if ever that happens Kyuu is here~

  17. That's good to know...

    try smiling, a real smile, it won't hurt you at all ^^

  18. ^^ be by your side? Hmmm... Sure i would love to

    Kyuu~ you mentioned my name ^^~ anyways Always smile Brandon~

  19. Be happy, have fun now and Always smile

  20. Don't worry ^^ im not rushing things~ Hmmm I was on last night (9:20pm 27th Oct) ^^"

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