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  1. :) nice to see prodigy still going in your sig. :) well im playing world of warcraft again.. i just hated the wipe... anyways cya around.
  2. who's smexy :o *looks at hart's picture* ... *nods* ^ __^

  3. omigawd girl to girl action D:.. nuu my daughter T_T *shooo away hat* ..jk :P

  4. im good ^__^.. just been busy thats all... erm with work etc..

    hmm do you still play gro? or you moved to another server?

  5. babiidoll

    PVP Event

    Character Name: Babiidoll Character Level: 254 Character Class: Sniper
  6. no it look coool :o

  7. :P yes please... im bad with direction :o.. i wab your eyes.. ish shineyyyy
  8. woops i said "omigawd my daughter" on some guy's profile accidentally :S.. that was suppose to be for you XD *blush*

  9. o.O wrong person woops

  10. i dont know how you did that.. but you're genius >.

  11. :o awesomeness profile :P
  12. ^__^ *roasted duck* ..drools

  13. where have you been.. i need to talk to youzz

  14. lets lvl together

  15. FIRST! muahahah

  16. FIRST.. !

    hi zero :P

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