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  1. yu're back in gRO? just in time for the wipe man. watch my VH, Neb and everything else dissapear >.>

  2. darn this sucks your suspended /sob good thing your back on GRO.

  3. Sup man, yeah i know its been a while.

  4. welcome to forum

  5. you freaking kidding your 98 years old

  6. jose? im jose why u call him jose?

  7. i guess this girl quit

  8. read the thing i sented you in mail.

  9. bye alexxa i hope you write something in my Goodbye gro for now

  10. maybe it wont help because if your a high priest with high def thana would kill you faster and without the heal being higher you die, am i right ravina?
  11. this girl maybe quit

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