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  1. welcome to forum

  2. you freaking kidding your 98 years old

  3. jose? im jose why u call him jose?

  4. i guess this girl quit

  5. read the thing i sented you in mail.

  6. bye alexxa i hope you write something in my Goodbye gro for now

  7. this girl maybe quit

  8. hey everade sidi told me your last name ^^

  9. be that way then cinji

  10. hi breaker x its argonaut^^

  11. i like that valkyrie pic

  12. dude roflmao y the heck you keep saying about balls

  13. sidi tell him what you said on phone

  14. goodbye Boogie even if you didnt give me ur items since you left. and even if i cared for you but its ok i leave that in me what you did.

  15. welcome to forums^^

  16. sidi read my topic goodbye gro for now

  17. i think this guy quit

  18. its argo the lk

  19. goodbye sidi ill be back on the 20th of july /sob, good thing is we come back the same time from our vacations u from virginia and me from dominican rep^^

  20. happy b day^^

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