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  1. I MISH YOU Q_Q Daddy #1

  2. Happy Birthday~

  3. =Dhello haku,rasberry

    Btw get my email AsAP

  4. Kill thanatos's minions Which are in the tower somewhere I know three of them tha_t09 tha_t11 tha_12 (or 13) Sorry if I messed up lol Also you can put the @whodrops (item name) and it will show the name of the monster, then just type @whereis (monstername).
  5. I'll try not to go emo in my teenage years. 8D

  6. Happy birthday =D Enjoy your teenaged years just dont go nuts on us ._.

  7. OH gawd your Avatar is so cute xD

  8. Cause i can o_O

  9. Oh god your 14!!! O_O

  10. Hi person o_o why did you BROHHH

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