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  1. SinX is not that weak from ninjas... actually I, myself kill ninjas using meteor assault(using thanatos or ice pick) would be good since they always have super high vit. So SinX should survive the first fs and just use meteor assault/soul breaker:D Also I noticed in ninjas.. that after they FS it took them like a second to use berry or hide...so that would be a great chance to use MA or SBK. GR/DEVI is the counter for FS unless.. they freeze first.. so I'll use Marc/devi:D
  2. its not go to the mall its search for it.. or something like that too
  3. Ye your right.. I only dig in the same spot.. but I changes sometimes too if It keeps exploding Here's what I got in 1.4k-1.6k digs in 2days... - 3 Hockey Mask - 3 Whisper Mask - 1 Peco Peco Hairband - 1 Observer - 1 Fish Head Hat - 1 Ramen Hat - 1 Red Glasses ALSO!!! I got bunch of taming items for deleter, wandere, goblins, and diabolic. I got converters and 8 emergency lvl1 scroll too.
  4. I found out the NINGU when I went in the mall:D hehe
  5. This is my first ever guide so please BARE with me:D MATERIALS: - 10x blue dyestuffs - 5x white dyestuffs -5x blue acidus card(abyss_02) ALSO!! you have to be a NINJA to do this quest. So.. Let's get started to the quest. 1.Warp to que_ng 17 71, and talk to the guy name Shinobi. 2.Then he'll ask u about ninja's weapon or something like that lol, choose any coz' all the answers are wrong. 3.Then! He'll give you another chance, and you have to write it in BLUE CARDS, also he will give you a clue "its five letter word". I wonder what is it nah nvm its NINGU. 4.Making Blue Cards. Warp at yuno_in03 177 56, and talk to the teacher...you need 1blue acidus card, 2blue dyestuffs, and 1 white dyestuff for 1 BLUE CARD. * 2 N Blue Card * * 1 I Blue Card* * 1 G Blue Card* * U Blue Card* ** you need those all ** 5.Then just go back to que_ng 17 71, and talk to shinbo again... and type NINGU. !!!!!!NINJA'S SCROLL!! quest finish!!!!!!!
  6. I've been trying to make this quest.. lol so far I already made 2 ketupats... 48 to go HELP ME MAKE THIS HEADGEAR!!! if u got rice bags sell em to me 1mea. hehehe
  7. By the way, change your siggy =\ It's a 500 Width, 150 height rule, VERY STUPID I think. It's a forum after all.

  8. welcome to forum

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