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  1. NES!!! WHERE ARE YOO!! haha

  2. Oi! IM ON! Hahaha ..u gotta damn teach me how to woe! & the times too btw.. lol

  3. Just dl-ing the client then i'll go!! i kinda want to woe atleast! lol

  4. Aww Thanks Nico! haha xD im quite amaze ur still alive!! haha

  5. Hey luv.. i know im replying for something a month old now.. but yeah.. im on.. but not when ur awake.. or so i guess.. lol ..we'll catch up one day xD

  6. i know !! we have a massive time gap.. lol

  7. Ei Biach! xD

  8. Woo first comment! HELLO! whens your next series guna come? >:D

  9. haha i know xD LOL & Yes to Green but i wonder about fat!! after xmas holidays due to loads of work i got slimmah! =P haha

  10. yeh i was on yesterday lol though only for a couple of minutes xD

    whats up anyways!? may babalikan pa ba ? :D

  11. thanks thanks! have a good one yah! xD

  12. thanks man! Sorri for the late reply coz you know why xD

  13. Whatsup Ms Dodgy Cow!

  14. Lmao my views goes up but no one leaves a comment !=( oh well PandaGees more than enuf i guess :D

  15. haha! xD I know! geez i never reached my target work everiitime im on msn with ya! LOL xD

  16. i know! i havent been on msn either~ Yes definitely 1 day i'll go!! :D

  17. Happy Bday Khimmeh!!! Zooom ZOooooOomm ZoooooooOOOm!!

  18. u lil..!!! Lmfao at ur Pic!! ur more like a dog now than a cow! lmfao

    hows it going!?

  19. Pfft!! Im a Single PARENT!! Omg i have random kids from you even Jester/Kulas claims to be your son! or yeah maybe ours lmao!

    Anways! CHADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  20. CHADDIE!!!! U LOGGED IN BUT DID SAY HI TO POPS AT ALL!!!! Tsk tsk .. hehe .. Ehem.. let me rephrase our last words to you aiight!

    Deenz: Mahal kita Chaddieeee D: I miss you lots lots... update me!!!

    GreenMan: OMG me too !! "Mahal DIN Kita Chaddie"

    .. Anyways! KAMUSTA!!! Busy pa din ba!? ...

  21. AKO POSTER KO!! or wla kang baon!! LOL

  22. Lmao! Ayus un!! At least All green n tlga ko! LOL

  23. LOLz. Nde ba obvious ..kulay plang unique na! LOL.

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