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  1. It feels good to be back..

  2. It feels good to be back..

  3. Get your sexy ass here in GATHERING! :D

  4. Hime, if you want to talk with me, just YM me.. I may not either longer exist here.. ^^

  5. Sorry and goodbye.. It was short time but I really have fun to be with you..

  6. I r not a multo.. So I can't make paramdam to you miss Sisa Hikain.. :D

  7. I r no stalker D:

  8. RIP Harada Risa..

    In memory of friends


  9. Get a personal photo damnit~

    And add more info's :3

  10. Welcome back Chaddie! ^^ Start your long-lost ERC event if you got time now.. xD

  11. I agreed to CoR.. :3

  12. What the hell is this page? Are you kind of haxxor or something? O.o

  13. Psh. No you're not rev. You are a fake! Me ish original.. *points to my forum name* MWAHAHAH!! *coughs in the middle of evil laugh* >_>

  14. I thought DarkRez was really a guy.. *facepalm*

  15. NUUUUUUUUUU!!! Why did you quit?! T___T

  16. Reverie

    Key's Art

    Now where's teh "Hot Secretary" updates? D:
  17. One question here.. Does it gave coupon points? O_o
  18. Hai Rev, i'm Dark Rev.. :D

  19. I said, don't add me those in "Beloved people".. D: Now everyone who stalks your profile page will know me.. T____T *uses Hide*

  20. I suggest you better change your avatar and siggy.. Coz you just changed char.. ^^

  21. Aff! Stop saying you're quitting Mimi.. >_>

  22. Oh hai there Key.. ^^ Didn't know that you're a girl IRL.. /swt

  23. *Stalks Sara for the 3rd time* Still no pic!?! D:

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