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  1. I don't know that band, if it's even a band. o.o;;;

    But nice. Is he/they are good? :3

  2. Nothing much, I feel tired somehow.

    And you? :D

  3. I'm not active too. xD

    Good I think. :3 What about you?

  4. Miu? Are you alive xD?

  5. :D

    Never see you anymore ):

  6. Tired too somehow today, but I can't sleep O:!!

  7. haha ja sehr klein ;P

  8. Aww.

    How are you lexaa :D?

  9. Looks like there will be no Meeting in 2010 O:!
  10. Finally it works ;D

  11. Never see you on msn D:

  12. meu deine mami xDD

    Btw wie groß bist du sonja?

  13. Aww.. Take care over you julia :/

    Mhm fine so far I think :D

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