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  1. Oh my goooosh!

    I love it! I really do. <3

    And wth it's awesome not bad... D:

    I really like the lips (I like the way you draw lips) and the hair. It's just all...

    The eye MIGHT be a bit too high up, but hmm doesn't really matter O:?

    I love it, thank you Sammy. <3


  2. Yay~! And YES ART TRADEN = LOOOOVE <3

    I always draw on normal copypaper. Always! I'm already used to it. xD

    Sooo, let's see~:

    What should I draw for you?

    I kinda have a suggestion: everyone says some facts about the character the other person should draw. I don't know IF it's an good idea but hmmm...

    It's just random. :'D


  3. Photocopy? I never do that. I'd choose to kill the picture eventually. 8DD

    Otherwise it's an good idea.. I should try it out~ *--*

    Btw, are you interested in a art trade? YES, another one. xDD

    I feel like drawing but I guess I wouldn't try my best if it wouldn't be for someone. You know what I mean? xDD""

    I know that I fail. <3~

    And I hate my A-key, doesn't works correct... -3-

  4. I think this idea is kinda wired..

    Well and how are you going to do that?

    5 partys after each other... that takes a pretty long time.. And an event is not meant to take like 5 hours IMO.

  5. Okay, I confirmed that the minimum weight is 7000.


    If you're not using a merchant, that's 107 STR, or 233 Chinas.

    Yes I found that out too, when I tried it with a lower level character... >_>

    And was like wtf why is this not working. :/

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